Why I can't get any concrete answers?

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like wtf dudes I do a post on something it’s super important for me and I clearly explain that every time I read something about my question I don’t understand because once again English is not my language!so why the -Yoink- the moderator have to give me 0 information and worst,this dude give the link to the explanation that I don’t -Yoinking!- understand I clearly explain it in my topic (I’m French so there are some “gaming” words that I don’t understand) and after that locked my topic! And before having the post locked ,one dude says to me that for go up in MMR you don’t need to win,and just after that an other dude says the exact opposite!

So please I just want to enjoy the best game ever made,plz just tell me if u can go up in MMR even if u loose and go down even if u win I just want to know that please.