Why haven't I received Recon yet? (Halo 3)

Hey, I was just wondering if 343i is still giving out Recon to Halo 3 players, you see I earned Recon on my other account (Reclaimerz) by doing the vidmasters and turning them in on Bungie.net and I heard that when 343i took over Halo they were going to give out Recon to all players.

My account with Recon (Reclaimerz) is linked to my YouTube account so it is constantly bombarded with messages and so on so I set up a secondary, private account (this one) under the guise of my very first gamertag “Yodulz”. I set up this account around a month or just under a month ago and still havent received Recon armour but rather than sitting around waiting I wanted to ask you guys on the forums if there is still the possibility of getting it? I wasnt sure if I would need to file some sort of request or something like that or if it would happen automatically.

I hope to hear from someone soon! Thank you!