Why have you ruined warzone

Why was fireteams reduced from 12 to 6 ?? Since this update I have been spawn killed and triple capped much more than when the game came out , why put us with teammates who won’t listen or communicate with their team ? Isn’t that the point of warzone , what makes it good and special from other games . People just playing with their eyes closed or something can’t think of a reason as to why these people won’t capture a base or lend a hand or talk to each other … it just makes no sense and now because there is a max 6 man fireteam its just a lot more common , sick of being triple capped and just letting the enemy spawn in reqs at which your teammates can’t shoot it down just stand there and die , what your trying to accomplish by making this game mode fairer has actually made it less enjoyable . As a player who plays this daily i think it should be brought back to its original form .

There’s an active discussion of this here: