Why have we not heard anything from higher ups?

With all the issues infinite has im really suprised management like
“Bonnie Ross”

Or even why has MIcrosoft not got involved,
They could get another studio or staff to help

Im just really suprised its always joe, or sketch who has to be the faces that reveal delays and receive backlash from the community etc, as im sure they are trying all they can as the issues fall on higher up management


I don’t know how their studio is fully structured. I would like to think that they have a team for everything in house but who knows at this moment in time. If it would take the load off their focus needs to shift to more important features and put other things on hold. Certain Affinity in my opinion should be the ones working on Multiplayer. The CEO used to be the Multiplayer & online design lead at Bungie. He knows Halo.

But to answer the question on why we haven’t heard anything, they probably either don’t know what to say or how to respond without throwing wood onto the fire. Fans are mad, if they respond and the answer we get is not what we want. The hate will get stronger. It’d be like playing Russian Roulette.


If they actually don’t know what to say, here’s some lines we can throw at them.

“After hearing and listening to community feedback, we have decided to continue work on implementing the fan favorite split-screen co-op campaign mode into Halo Infinite. You can look forward to the feature coming into a future update.”

“After hearing and listening to community feedback, we have decided to cancel plans to implement purchasable content, including spartan points, into Halo: The Master Chief Collection. We will pursue alternative methods to allow players to more easily earn spartan points at a faster rate.”

“After hearing and listening to community feedback, we have decided to cut the prices of all store content by 50% going forward.”

I’m sure they have at least an idea on what they could say to please the fans. They just don’t want to. They’re either too stupid to recognize this, too malicious to care, or some twisted combination of both. If they seriously don’t know what to say, then I suppose it falls upon us to give them explicit instructions and appropriate rewards and punishments.

There’s a reason why pavlov’s dog experiment was so revolutionary.


Likely because management is to blame for the issues in Halo right now, and they’d rather just say nothing than address it.

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Maybe we can give them a freaking script to read. It’s clear that they can’t think of any words that are both believable and can please the community.

The whole staff at 343 is aware about the issues, the current state of multiplayer, playerbase fading away and so on.
At some point its really difficult to engage in a discussion with the player base, the customers, right most of us are also customers. I bought the campaign and both battle pass.
At some point it doesnt matter what you say, as soon that 343 would engage in a discussion, a lot of people would just vent their dissapointment. No chance to have a civilized discussion.

Official statement would do more harm than anything else.
At this point, there is only 1 thing that 343 can do. Work on whatever is prioritized and inform a few days before its deployed.

because they hope it blows over and everyone moves on.

Management may not want to saying anything. Some other members might want to speak out and talk about what’s going on. I feel like half of the studio actually cares about the Halo Franchise and the Community. The other half is just trying to make easy money or run Halo into the ground.

If it was a money thing then they should’ve released a finished project. 20 Mil people at launch buying the game would’ve made more money for Infinite than it took to make it. Even if only half or under half still would’ve made more money than it took to make. A lot of their decisions at times makes no sense.