Why have my specializations gone?

Just reached SR60, only to find that my choice of specializations, have disappeared, leaving me with only Operator…Why is this? I know there’s some talk about codes being sent to emails (providing you played the day it came out or something) which I did (and I have not received any emails with the code), and up until about five minutes ago, when I hit level 60, all of these specializations were visible to me, now, they’ve vanished…

what the hell is going on? Any help is greatly appreciated

hello there , it happened to me too , but its easy to fix it , go to

Settings - Account - Download History - Specialization Priority Alfa - Dwonload again.

> hello there , it happened to me too , but its easy to fix it , go to
> Settings - Account - Download History - Specialization Priority Alfa - Dwonload again.

Just do this and it should show up again. Happened to me before.


thanks i’ll give it a try now thanks again!

you guys are awesome! It worked, may my Spartan sacrifice many a spartan in your honor! I decided to go for Operator as my next specialization, mainly because id really like the magnum skin to go with my DMR skin, thanks again you guys are legends!

I had the same issue, got to 80 and couldn’t progress despite getting the LE. Just re-downloaded it and all was well :slight_smile:

It didn’t work for me :frowning:
Redownloaded. Checked game. Nope.
Clear Cached. Redownloaded. Checked game. Nope.
Turned on xbox. Redownload. Check. Nope.
Download. Turned off xbox. Checked. No avail

I may just being impatient but nothings working for me. I’m sitting on rank 70 :confused:

I don’t have the Specialization Priority Alfa in my download history. When can i find this? Because right now I’m stuck at sr70 and can’t advance. So I have the wetwork and operator and nothing else, please help with this.

I have lost my specializations too…i m 88 lvl and i stopped playing cause i cant choose the next specialization.I bought the limited edition and i had no problem with the specializations till last week…Since then i cant see the others specializations.The weird thing is that when i log in with an alternative char i can see them but not with my main char.The one i play.I tryied to re download it but i cant find in my download history the Specialization Priority Alfa.Any help please.And if you know any way to contact with 343 or someone who can fix it i will be glad to hear…thnx

On the dashboard, go to the right as far as you can go, should have account, preferences, etc. Click on account management, download history, and just redownload the things. It personally didn’t work for me, but some report that it works.

Tried to re-download Specialization Alfa and it said, “Assigned to another console” WTH? this is the ONLY console I have ever owned or signed into. I then clicked change saved location and saved it to my harddrive instead of Cloud or whatever else it lists. Then I re-downloaded it. It worked that time.

Moral: Make sure its saved to the same device as Halo 4, otherwise these MS products can’t find it.

Disconnect from xbox live>Load up H4>Go to Specializations=profit.

Close save. If only it were that easy for me…-___-