Why Have A Radar In This Game?

The radar is not useful in this game except to tell you who may be above or below you. The radar used to be helpful in planning single floor situations, but I will see the player two feet in front of me before my radar even shows them! Either remove it from the game or make the radar useful. Seems very pointless, among other things…


Sounds like a user preference. If you don’t like it, you’ll be delighted to know that it does not exist in ranked.


Its not homing beacon to tell you exactly where the player is its more like a heads up in the general area if you gave played halo in the past this is nothing new


Yeah but usually you’d have good footstep audio for awareness, in Infinite it just straight doesn’t work until they’re like two feet from you, and by that point they’ve almost always sprinted into a back hit and killed you


it shouldn’t be removed, it’s a core concept of halo…
but i will admit it is very useless in infinite. the distance is a joke, and by the time someone blips onto it… you’re already dead. also even using it as a way to find who is on what floor is annoying. seriously. Halo Reach had a triangle for anyone above, and the dot faded if bellow… why cant we just go back to that? actual helpful visual information? that’s also easy.
infinite’s radar is actually so bad that i tend to forget it even exists. unlike games like h3 or reach where it’s actually useful


I think what he means is it needs a distance buff. It says 18m but feels like 2m. I’d also like it enlarged as I feel like it’s way too small in the corner.


I do wonder if it’s 18 feet, rather than 18 m, because it genuinely feels like it. Meanwhile, Chief has a range of 59 m for his. Spartan-II perks, obviously.


Honestly, it feels right to me.

What’s throwing me off is the radar in campaign cuz that thing can see for miles; I’m constantly misjudging distances.


In previous titles in Halo the radar not only had an extended distance for detection, it also could tell you whether the enemy is above or below you.

The poster believes the weaknesses of the radar render it largely ineffective. I agree. Removing the radar would have minimal impact on performance of a player, the planning of a team, and the outcome of a game. Thus, it should be improved if it is to be included.


That’s basically how I feel.

In its current state, I wouldn’t miss it if it were gone, particularly in BTB.

Either get rid of it, or find a better sweet spot for its range.


How did it show whether someone was above or below you again?
Was it by having faded markers?

Anyway, I don’t think it should be removed for not being helpful, as I actually get a lot of use out of it even if it might not be as good now.
The only thing I don’t like about it is that it seems (I’m not sure) like some people don’t appear even though they’re not skulking.
It might just be that they’re using active camo (does it affect the radar again in Infinite?) or the radar just doesn’t show normal walking however.

Yeah but the range of the “Motion tracker” has been severly reduced compared to other games.


I play ranked so there’s actually no radar at all. What’s the range of the motion tracker in social? Is it 18m? In the weapons drill it has the meter distance to give a decent representation of how far the distance is. I think the range isn’t that strong for multiple reasons to be honest. Reasons no one playing social would really care about though. That being said, it’s been asked for enough to warrant an increase in range. Anyone who doesn’t like that has the ranked option available. Right now I see the social players kind of struggling to enjoy the game In the social playlist for various reasons. Motion tracker being probably close to or at the top of the list.

Just 10 more…

The Radar should stay, even if it’s cosmetic because without it, this game would look less like Halo.

I thought that this distance is a known issue, and if I recall they were going to bump it to 24m instead of the current 18m.
I like 24, it’s a good range. Right now you get shot and you look at the radar and your dead. 18 is a useless range and I get that its probably more in line with older halo games and more people like that style, I just prefer equipment that assists me in the heat of battle instead of telling me the obvious.

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It would show via triangles. (:small_red_triangle: like this if I remember correctly)

The radar doesn’t pick up active camo at all currently. I think it used to in other titles but I prefer that it doesn’t. It’s more fair.

Anything moving at crounching speed will stay hidden.

Radar is pretty short. May feel like it would miss ppl.

I see.
They should’ve kept the triangles.

It’s fair to not see players with active camo on the radar.
I just wasn’t sure if they were the ones not appearing, or if it was a bug with the radar not showing players who didn’t have active camo.
I guess the players who appear out of nowhere have active camo.

The radar distance could use a few extra meters, but I still find it to be useful most of the time.

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“The radar distance could use a few extra meters”

I agree.


The radar is plenty useful in this game. I can’t count the number of times I’ve used it to outsmart people trying to bum rush after me…

I honestly like how small they made the area too, so that it feels like I can actually escape people pursuing me in this game and can act sneaky without having to crawl everywhere so the radar doesn’t screw me over and give me away like it has in other halo games.

I find it useful, when I remember its there. It would be cool if I could position it somewhere else on the hud. I dont look at the bottom left of my screen too much.