This is an idea I’ve had for a while and would like to see what you guys think about it.

Like many I’ve invested 2,000,000 hard earned credits in Inclement Weather and think that when viewing your Spartan in A Lobby whether it be matchmaking, forge, custom etc there must be some kind of animation or the actual Blue Lighting on your Spartan so other players are aware you’ve achieved it. And I’m not just targeting those with Inclement Weather, this should be for ALL Armour Effects.

Earning an Armour Effect is a long hard road and the worst part is you never really get to see it for yourself, players should have the chance to admire their awesome armour.

For Inclement, Pestilence, Eternal and Legendary you’d just have your Spartan with the actual effect on show. For Grunt Birthday Party, confetti dancing around your head, and hearts for Heart Attack. And if it gets on your nerves, just turn it off.

So what dya think?

i’d definately love to have somethin like that. assuming i ever get Inclement Weather, i’d love to be able to look at my Spartan in the lobby while waiting and see the lightning effect. hell, even with Eternal Blue Flames. that would be awesome.

Why hasn’t it been done?

Pointless change to be honest, you can always go into theater and look after a game, get in a turret or a vehicle and see yourself in 3rd person and see your effect.

Would probably lag the screen? idk they should let you view your AE in lobby

Yes. I’ve wondered that myself. If you want the effect, you should be able to see it in a number of places.