Why hasn't anything been fixed

Spawns are trash

hit detection doesn’t work half the time I’ve point blanked people with fuel rods, rail guns, and all the starting weapons and people just eat bullets when I’m hitting dead on

radar is worthless

nades are over powered and need blast radius nerf

Ghost and gun goose have way too much armour

splatter is completely broken. The speed at which you can kill someone is stupid you can be traveling at such low speeds to kill some which is stupid.

please fix this game

I -Yoinking!- tired of getting -Yoinking!- spawn killed every -Yoink!- -Yoinking!- second in this pile of garbage known as halo 5. I literally died and get spawned killed every death in every -Yoinking!- match I’m tired of it 343 is so incompetent when they play test that can’t see that these spawns are complete trash I’m sick of it. You want halo to be as popular as it once was what actually make a game that doesn’t suck and is properly play tested. I’m sick of dying to such nonsense that is out of my control I should die because I made a mistake or the other player is better than me not that I can spawn in front of some lucky -Yoinks!- line of sight and get shot instantly where I had no chance of winning the gun fight its -Yoink- I can guarentee 80% of deaths are cuz of the garbage spawns and the same reason my stats are completel -Yoink-. Not because of my player skill but because of 343 incompetents. Fix this game.