Why hasn’t melee been fixed yet

It’s never worked and I feel like it was never even worked on. Mans are kissing my elbow, rather then getting hit.
I’m building forward momentum and still no lunge, while the guy standing still and straffing lunges 5 ft.
Also what’s the point of a shotgun if I can kill a person by melees much quicker.
Shotgun should be at the very lease equal to melees or one shot.

Also ranked duos is so aggravating why didn’t you release all the modes for it. At the very least we should’ve gotten, king of the hill, capture the flag, and oddball. I don’t even like strongholds but I feel like it would be more fun and enjoyable in doubles compared to 4v4.
Like why doesn’t it have the same modes as normal Team Doubles which is nice.


There was nothing wrong with melee to begin with. I’m ok with 10% less damage but how come Spartans can chuck grenades hundreds of feet but we melee swing like my grandma. Makes no sense.


I think the melee lunge is insane and needs to go away. I can’t believe how far away guys can hit me with a melee, they literally deny physics as they mid air lunge. And yes no one should be melee killing a guy with a shotty. Running towards a shotgun should be death. Close range headshot should be instant kill.

Facts. Grenades have always been insane in Halo but it’s a bit crazy the time it takes for them to go off and how far you can throw them. Yet you sometimes lunge or you don’t because it’s inconsistent. Also back smacking doesn’t work even when you see 75% of their back because it was a should hit I guess.

The lunges can be crazy but they aren’t consistent. I would rather lunge all the time or no lunging at all. At this point I just want consistency.
In my own opinion you should only lunge when you have built up that forward momentum.
A small lunge has always been in halo so I can live with it being in the game but the problem is you do or do not lunge. Out of the players control.

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