Why Halo: Reach 2 probably won't be a thing

So there have been rumors that Halo: Reach 2 could become a thing, some Halo Youtubers have even talked about it (HaloFollower and HiddenExperia I believe have made videos in it). I haven’t actually watched the videos but feel free to check them out. since I haven’t actually seen them let’s go off what we know about Halo: Reach.

NOTE: This spoils ALL of the Reach story, and unless you have already played through it, or already know what happens, I would recommend not reading this. You have been warned.

In Reach, every member of Noble team dies Except for Jun (who now works with Commander Musa on the SPARTAN IV Program) and Noble 6 (Spartan-B312) who is MIA. In the final cutscene we see an Elite use an energy sword. . .er. . .dagger? to lunge at B312, but before we see what happens, the scene cuts to B312’s broken helmet. the next time a cutscene plays is in 2589, the next time we ever see a UNSC ship on Reach. As far as we know, everyone one reach had died, except for the civilians that were evacuated. We could assume that either Noble 6 died of his wounds, was glassed, or is MIA. If it was the first two, then there would be no reason to make a Halo: Reach 2 unless we play as Jun or a new team is formed to go to Reach for some reason. If it was the third reason I can see why a Reach 2 could be a thing. NOTE: It has basically been confirmed by Bungie and 343i that B312 is dead, so chances of Halo: Reach 2 as B312 are very slim. I’ve seen one person that’s asked what if in Halo: 6 Infinity goes to Reach and meets B312.Let me know what you think!

I’d suggest avoiding watching any HaloFollower “content” from now on. Trust me, it’s for your own good.

But yeah Reach 2 ain’t happening. The entire reason Halo:Reach was a thing was because of the narrative importance of the Fall of Reach in the story of the series. With that said, it would be cool to visit Reach again in future game.

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