Why HALO isn't the same and is dying

MOST of everyone (not 100% but rather close) of those coming from previous HALO titles know that this game does not feel like HALO, they may stick with it for a little while, then abandon it and not play it for a long time. This is why a lot consider HALO 4 dying. In my eyes, its already dead.

The main reason I see in this is sprint. This goes way farther than the argument about the game needing to evolve and from a realistic standpoint. Not having sprint was one thing that was crucial to the “feel” of HALO. There are a few reasons why. First, you could actually kill someone mid-range. With Sprint and maps the way they are designed now, there are too many corners and turns on 4v4 maps which makes mid-range a joke to try to kill someone. You can’t do it because if someones hit they sprint behind a corner and guns cannot get 5 shots off that fast. Most people don’t even attempt to. Another downfall of this ability is the messed up sense of where the other team is/isn’t. The best example I can think of is imagine being on the Pit in HALO 3, you look down the “Hall” as my team calls it, where rockets spawn, no one there, you can expect no one to get behind you for a few seconds if turned towards green after. You do not have that sense in HALO 4, as if that map were to be played on, you can never fully have a sense of where the enemy is because someone could sprint down that hall and assassinate you right when you turn away.

The second reason (which I am going to attempt to explain to the best of my ability,) is the classes and what is has done to the weapons. I know there is a lot of arguing on what an arena shooter should feel like, but everyone starting with the same weapon was crucial to HALOs success. Remember, this isn’t COD, while this game clearly is trying to bring over COD fans, its not really doing that, and losing core fans at the same time. And because of this new class bases system, guns were tweaked so they could even have it. What I mean by this is they almost have different “tiers” of guns. You have Tier 1, lets say the pistol class, tier 2, the primary class, and Tier 3, the power weapon class, each balanced with each other and anyone can use them pretty much the same. The old HALO’s didn’t utilize such as system. The old HALOs had almost you could say “parallel tiers” where a weapon was as good as its user. The best example of this is the plasma pistol. It was considered a power weapon in MLG because in the hands of good players, it was real powerful, but in the hands of not so skilled players, it wasn’t very good. Guns didn’t have to be completely balanced with its “tiers” and just were as good as they were.

I do not blame 343 themselves for this. It is not mostly their fault in my opinion the game is the way it is right now. I believe it is a portion of Microsoft that is contributing to this. 343 came out and said they made a game that played and felt like HALO and they were proud of it, but when they introduced it to Microsoft they were not impressed as they thought it felt like HALO, they wanted something different to try to please more audiences. But it was different they got, and not attracting many while losing what it had.

It is very sad, but HALO will probably die. This game is just not exciting and with the issues it has, I believe never will be. Everyone I know has already went back to HALO 3 LAN, and is not playing near as much anymore.

Really like this thread, bullet points of things I missed and makes it short and sweet.

Halo won’t die… but you’re right, it’s not the same. There will always be a fanbase but whereas before Halo used to be a high-quality tightly balanced multiplayer with a lot of tactical creative options it is right now a mixed-bag of good and bad. It’s a weird mix of great things like the core gameplay and… er… ok just great core gameplay surrounded by some really bad decision-making and mistakes and issues and missing things.

I’m more interested in Destiny than any new Halo game. Halo 4 has made me realise that I’m a fan of Bungie’s Halo and Bungie themselves, and not just anything with Halo on the label.

While I do agree with this issue, it will bring back a lot of issues such as people “Hogging” over weapons and the fact that without sprint you were 100% dead from campers, spawn killers, and also maybe vehicle hoggers. But, it will take time for them to make such drastic changes, but sadly people know nothing of development :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the only thing wrong with it is not enough rocks

> I think the only thing wrong with it is not enough rocks

well dont the pebbles count to?

> > I think the only thing wrong with it is not enough rocks
> well dont the pebbles count to?

The pebbles dont meet the ESRB rating for a rated M game so they had to be moved to lower rated games