Why Halo is probably dead.

I’m an 06 kid. I didn’t really play much of Halo 1 except campaign and with friends. I didn’t start online H2 until after the patch (thank god). But for me Halo was always about addicting competitive matchmaking with working ranking systems and playing with friends. I had my aspirations to go pro and I still kinda do somewhere in the pit of my soul, but that started to fade with Halo 3. Halo 3 was very slow paced and the BR was unreliable, BUT the game itself was tolerable. But then came Reach…and then 4…and now when we finally get what we wanted with MCC…they manage to screw that up and still haven’t delivered on all of the promises.

As for Halo 5, I believe the reason people flame it is because we’re all just so jaded and tired of being sodomized, abused, and taken for granted by Microsoft. Xbox would have went the way of the Dreamcast if it wasn’t for Halo. Halo IS the ONLY series worth playing on Xbox that Playstation doesn’t have. But now, with esports going the direction of the “newer is better”…again…and Halo 5 being so so(I personally don’t mind it), I think Halo is probably on it’s way out the door as an esport about a year after H5’s release. You can dispute that if you want, but I also called Halo’s demise in MLG when everyone realized how low the skill ceiling was in Halo 3 was. I could be wrong with the ESL though. They still have some games they run that people barely play. It makes me think that they’re going to end up like the CPL.

I can understand that some people might enjoy the singleplayer/multiplayer regardless, but as you can see from Halo 4, that’s not enough. Personally, I feel like Starcraft 2 and (yes I’m saying it even though it hurts) League of Legends offer a much more competitive experience, while jrpgs over on Playstation (-Yoink- Final Fantasy) offer a much better casual experience. I’ll probably be selling my XBox and Halo for a PS4. If you’re going to complain about the game and not switch to PS4 or PC…then just stop posting about it. Remember, the only way you can get your money back for MCC is to not buy Halo 5.