Why Halo Infinite is the worst Halo yet

Idk why 343 didn’t replicate the Halo 5 multiplayer system for that was the best multiplayer experience I think since halo 3. Then, they just changed it all up including how people are matched together. I believe they are using an archaic version of halo 2’s multiplayer system which was just dog sh*t despite how fun the game was.

Forge and Firefight Updates will change this around.

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I doubt it. By the time they even bring those there, they would have already lost most of their player base.

I said Halo 5 multiplayer good… not Halo 5 multiplayer BEST.

Best goes to Halo Reach.

You really think the community chatting with one another is 343 “listening”.

The community doesn’t matter when it come to that, 343 does.

The statistics say otherwise. Halo Reach on PC had an even worse player base drop than Infinite and the xbox 360 version almost tops halo infinite if not the same when it came to player retention. Reach went from around 400,000-500,000 to only 100,000 after a couple of months and then after a little longer, went to around 70,000. After a year, it went down to only 30,000.

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If enough forum complaints are made about halo itself, they will change it. Thats what theyve been doing with the halo game. How do you think the matchmaking exp system went from only 50 xp per game to then 300 xp per game and a drop with a promise to fix it further eventually. So, yes I do think us complaining will do us good. They look in these forums you know.

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If we are going by player retention, then Halo 4 was definitely the worst.
And Halo 2 and 3 were the best.
I’m talking more about gameplay mechanics, weapons sandbox, map selection, and firefight being included.

I love high power more then any map on H4.

I understand what you’re are saying, but somethings are not a priority like match making should be, but you have to consider who they actually listening to and it’s not the community as some would like to think so.

It’s their top streamers that have way more of a sway then the rest of the community.


Not sure why you think a top 5 game on Xbox most played is only at 10k. Anyway to tell who is playing infinite through Xbox app instead of steam? H4 literally had less than 20k after 4 months, no way a f2p halo game can drop that low.

I’d have to see the match on halo tracker to try an explain what happened. You look like a platinum, so to match make with a gold and silver and find at least 1 onyx and diamond - I’d imagine the other 2 on their team had to be silver or lower and your 4th had to be unranked or high platinum or higher.

@Kyotori_Kudara I hope you don’t take this the wrong way. I see you put a lot of effort into writing your post, that’s great. However, I am incapable of reading it without proper paragraphs (as it hurts my eyes, and I lose my place). Please edit your post and hit the enter key at least every five sentences, and I will come back and read everything you wrote. :beach_umbrella:


it wasn’t bad but i only played in the ctf and big team playlists in H4

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  1. Wall of Text
  2. Worst Halo is still H5 by a large margin.

H5 was just as bad as Infinite on launch, so we have to compare them there to be fair, not compare a game that’s been out for 6 years to a fresh launch.

Definitely agree with OP… this whole experience is horrendous and the game itself is barely a 6/10 as a whole. The population drop is surely abnormal for a brand new F2P game which is not surprising based on how Infinite runs and how little it offers. I wish we could know the Campaign sales number because I’m sure it would make me laugh. Of course, what do you expect when they charge $60 JUST for a Campaign.

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Far from it. Halo 4 yes didn’t get the numbers of the other halo’s, but it did sustain the numbers that it did have. Halo reach was definitely the worst out of them all if you don’t include infinite of course.

Far from it. It had the numbers to back it up. A year later, and it still had a lot of people playing it. Which was confirmed by 343. H5 was barren at launch but was still fun and played by many. Halo infinite has lost most of its player base already.

It’s just how the numbers are rn man

No. We constantly pair up against diamond ranked people. I’m a diamond rank myself and play with a gold and a silver who are my wife and my father-in-law. I like playing with them and they shouldn’t be penalized for me being a high rank. Hell, they even drop rank when they do bad against diamond rank as if they should have done good against a diamond rank player.