Why Halo Infinite is the worst Halo yet

I gave halo infinite a chance. I really did. Hell, I even post it on my Youtube channel every week trying to enjoy it, but you just can’t. The matchmaking system is just horrendously broken. Like me and my friends can’t get a good match because of their rank. They are silver and gold rank, meanwhile I’m a diamond rank. We rank together and no matter what, we always get paired up with diamond rank individuals like me. This means while they have a full team of diamond rank, we are sitting over here with a diamond, silver, and gold ranked player with our fourth player either being another one of our friends who’s a bronze rank OR we get paired with a random gold-platinum rank. How is this even fair? Next, the store prices are just out of this world. The prices they have in the shop is just not okay. Everyone screams when we mention this saying “BUT ITS A FREE GAME!!!(I@(@!RYH)F&UCHUFHASDPFH!@#()!@#$!@&$%” without considering the fact that maybe we didn’t want a free game and wanted the best halo they could have given us. Hell, a free game with a $30 battle pass to unlock the armors for life while you try and earn them after spending the money would have been better. Maybe even having a pay to rank up to max level like currently would earn them enough money to pay for their entire game itself. However, they decided to go down the monetization route that every game is going down now because Fortnite made fat stacks doing it, so they want to copy Fortnite. The monetization is just a huge slap in the face to the fans of halo itself. It really is. To make matters even worse, the game is just bare boned and offers little to no content whatsoever. The numbers are even proving what I’m saying. Everyone likes to say that halo infinite is doing just fine even though the steam numbers are down. People fail to realize how many people play on steam itself. They even go as far as saying that more people play on the Xbox app than steam which is just a laugh itself. Steam is your largest population base by far and with steam alone, makes up all the numbers of each Xbox combined. Don’t believe me? 300,000 people was peak halo 3 numbers back on the 360. Back then, more people had the 360 by double to all the current and next gen consoles and halo 3 had 300,000 people playing it during its prime. Now, far less have the console because Playstation is just the new wave for people to play a console game and Playstation’s have more than doubled the sales of Xbox’s. Since this is a prevalent fact, it just shows how much less people are playing it on Xbox. Also, if you think steam going from 300,000 to 40,000 is bad, imagine what the Xbox is doing as well. Let’s just assume not as many people have left halo infinite on console like on pc, which isn’t true but lets just assume so, I believe it’s safe to say that they lost a good amount due to crossplay and hacking issues the game has seen. That, and the bland game itself more than drives people away as well as the predatory monetization tactics. I believe roughly 60,000 people are playing on xbox AT MOST. This can be supported because of the huge steam drop in players and the inevitable population drop most halo’s experience besides Halo 1-3 and Halo 5. 60,000 being a decent number of xbox players mind you considering how less there is playing the xbox now and the amount of competition is going around. With peak maybe even being as much as steam considering Xbox IS Halo at this point. Let’s not even talk about the xbox app as im throwing that under the umbrella of xbox console. Not a lot of people use the xbox app really anyway. This means that halo infinite went from 600,000 MAX to barely 100,000 on a good day. Mind you, 60,000 for xbox is relatively large and a more realistic number is around 40,000 like steam if not less considering how many people play on steam itself more than doubles even Playstation. The numbers may even be around 10,000-20,000 at this point on xbox at a minimum. This is what MCC was on xbox before Infinite and was what halo 5 was around at before MCC became cross platform compatible. The numbers really speak for themselves in this manner. Halo Infinite at this point is even worse than Halo Reach. I know a lot of people like reach, but far more just didnt like it. They lost half of their player base after a few months of launch. Halo Infinite has lost more than half. By the time they even fix the game to be playable, how many people would have already left anyway? Let me know what you guys think.

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I’m not reading that until you learn how to use paragraphs.


You lost me at YouTube channel.

Match-making sucks in most games nowadays, and it will suck throughout Infinite life span, but that won’t stop me from playing once in a while.


TL;DR reason for Infinite being the worst yet
“Because its not halo 3”


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You mis-spelled Halo 5 there buddy.

Yes, Halo Infinite needs A LOT OF WORK to fix it, but at least the devs are working on it rather than just slapping us in the face and just updating to add content rather than to fix issues.


The only thing I got out of this topic is a youtuber trying to shill their channel while saying one of the better halo games is the worst.

Man this is more fun then 4 and 5 combined, I haven’t had this much fun with halo sense halo reach.

And if another topic rambles on about the store being bad saying it will ruin halo, I am going to just start marking them as spam.


Sadly I would say it’s the worse Halo… Not to say there is nothing good about it, the mechanics and gameplay is rock solid. But the progression system is just terrible, probably the worse in gaming or pretty close to worse. To progress only by RNG challenges is toilet. You are basically forced to play stuff you don’t necessarily want to play, unless you have swaps or buy swaps. I stopped playing tonight since I ran out of swaps and didn’t like the remaining challenges.


No I didn’t. I mean every word I said.

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No. There are plenty of games out there that can be fun. I personally enjoyed Halo Reach as well as Halo 5. I don’t like the slow pace of halo 3 and enjoy the more fast pace of the game. I’m not saying that this game doesn’t have a good foundation because it does. It has a very good foundation that they did right with. However, that’s about all they did.

Soooo… you actually like the fanfiction that Brian Reed replaced the actual story of Halo 5 with and then gave out to the final release of Halo 5 Guardians?

Ofc not. I’m not saying other matchmaking systems wont suck because there is. Several in fact that are much worse than Halo Infinite even. I will continue to complain so my voice is heard and so others who agree, can also speak their mind. It’s better to get things fixed that is obviously killing halo than just let them be

Fair enough man. I don’t blame you

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Oh no. The way they handled the halo 5 story was just terrible. It was a terrible story all around that a steaming hot pile of dog sh*t could be better than that. However, I’m not talking about the story. I’m talking about the matchmaking


Halo 4 story good, Multiplayer bad

Halo 5 story bad, Multiplayer good.


Holy wall of text Batman

But infinite is not worse than h4. That is still easily the worst multiplayer in the franchise.

Match making is flawed for sure but i think you’re exaggerating. I’m onyx, play with 2 platinums, 1 gold , 2 bronze regularly. It always gives us like 2 platinum and 1-2 diamond or higher or 1 gold or lower. But it’s pretty hard to win with bronzies against even 4 platinums.

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2 things I see here.

  1. No one is listen

  2. 343 will fix things when they feel like it, and that is even if they want to.

no i could play CTF on adrift (H4) 24/7. not even the best map in this game is better than the worst map in H4 or H5


“No one is listen”

And yet I have you commenting on my post.

The numbers beg to differ. I guarantee you that at peak halo infinite for xbox, only 100,000 hopped on for console and the xbox app. Currently, steam has lost 9x the player base. They went from 270,000 to 30,000 in the course of a two months. If those numbers show anything, it’s that xbox has probably lost that amount as well making the player base on xbox roughly around 10,000. This means that a player base of 370,000 players across both platforms, went down to 40,000. I’m not exaggerating at all. My silver friend did the third best on the team with only going negative by 2 against diamond and onyx ranked people that we were facing and went down half of his silver rank. Which just makes no sense when a diamond went negative by 7 and went down only a sliver of an amount. It’s also flawed that we even had to go up against that kind of comp and especially when my gold friend that game did even worse than the silver and didn’t go down any. I’m far from overexaggerating this. It is an issue and the loss of the population shows this to be a true.

I agree though that I have a problem with not spacing things out. Once I start typing my thoughts, I lose track of my great wall of text and pops up to be just this grotesque looking wall that is scary to even look at for some and just hard to read for others.