Why Halo Infinite and not Halo: Pachinko?

A thought occurred to me. Why go through all this trouble to produce this game? In the state it’s in, all the time and resources invested-
They could have just made a line of Halo Pachinko machines!
Put one in every Target Starbucks and slap a monster fridge next to it, the doritos, and by the lego and nerf sections.
Woulda saved alot on designing, you know, a game that a lot of people feel a lot of ways about.
But I mean if we’re just gonna have a shop with items that we’re paying fractions of the campaign for, to equip one at a time to let other players know that we spent money on the game?
Why not just go straight to pachinko?
Cut out the middle man 343, you want money this bad freakin’ go for it. Why even try to make a game.

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What part of this game feels like gambling to you?

inb4 when you melee someone LOL


Oh no I mean instead of making an ingame shop that nobody asked for, wanted, or seems to like, they coulda just made pachinko machines and people would probably, unironically, enjoy those more XD

oh wait, I know! Solo queing and hoping to get your weeklies done quickly XD


Bullet registration. Probably falls under the melee registration you already mentioned.


Based. Good post.

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