Why Halo failed on Steam (Civilized Discussion)

First off i would like to ask the overwhelming majority of people who use controller in halo to keep an open mind and give their opinion as objectively as they can. I know there are may other issues with the game but for this post i will only focus on gameplay related aspects.

Halo for the first time in recent years after the launch of MCC on steam Halo has tried to grab a bigger audience by releasing on PC. The question is why Halo on Pc barely gets any pc population (Barely 5000 on both MCC and Infinite combined! ) ? The answer is because on PC most of the players use mnk and do not want to play a game that puts them in a severe disadvantage before they even start playing a match. Lets start with what i mean by that.

Terrible Performance:
Has anyone of you played cs , Valorant or Overwatch? Doesnt mnk feel much smoother and much more precise there? Its no secret that high FPS for competitive players is very very important. The performance of the game when compared on how the game actually looks leaves a lot to be desired. Call me crazy but sometimes when i am in-game i think Halo 3 Mcc looks better and cleaner than infinite. Although Halo Mcc has even worse performance than infinite when using top of the line amd gpus with frame stuttering with fps dropping from 999 to 120 then 200 then 90 etc. Halo just doesnt feel as smooth as it should to be considered an esports competitive fps game. Game performance is more important for mnk players than it is for controller players.

Solution: Fix the performance

Input method Imbalance:
I will say that if 343 were to remove the battle rifle from the game COMPLETELY then this issue wouldn’t exist. Aim assist becomes an issue for mnk players when playing high ranked games (High Diamond and above) where the primary weapon is the Br. Given the increase of strafe speed and the lack of precision damage (Headshot damage) the lethality of mnk has gone out the window. Strafing against a controller player has near to no result (might as well just stand still) when compared to mnk. No matter how good you are with mnk you cant 4 shot players with anywhere near the same consistency as with the controller given the error that comes with the bigger human factor when having no aim assist. Even the best player in the game imo (Luciid) has admitted to the br on controller being overtuned. If you are under the impression that controller is perfectly balanced i would like to kindly request that you ask yourselfs why there isnt and why there will never be an Mnk pro in halo. Maybe all the mnk players in the world have no skill or knowledge on how to play halo even if they played halo for many many years prior. Right?

Solution: (These apply to both Infinite and halo 3 mcc)
Nerf aim assist only on the Br when using a controller OR Increase bullet magnetism on Br when using mnk OR Decrease bullet mangetism on Br when using a controller

The only lethal mnk weapon is bad
This goes for both inputs. Sniper rifle is terrible in this game. I dont know what it is about it maybe its the massive zoom in such small maps maybe its the bloom which doesnt even need to be there and it just ruins the weapon for everyone. I pretty sure i’ve read somewhere that 343 added negative aim assist values to sniper on mnk and im like WHAT? The go damn shock rifle does a better and more consistent job as a sniper that the actual sniper.

Solution: Remove sniper bloom, fix the zooming issues, fix the negative aim assist

STRICT skill based matchmaking in SOCIAL?
This is an issue for both inputs but who wants to sweat every single game? Social games are called social for a reason and ranked games are called ranked for a reason. By having such strict sbmm in social some games are sweatier in social than they are in ranked. Its actually funny.

Solution: Tune down sbmm in social for god’s sake.

Terrible terrible PING:
If i am going to br put in anything higher than 80 ms on mnk id rather not play the game at all. 343 should give us an option to choose between faster que times and better connection. Many many games are doing that. Even other XBox own studios are doing that (The Coalition - Gears 5).

Solution: Give people an option to choose between faster que times and better connection and remove the strict sbmm that prioritizes sweaty and close matches over good connection. Good connection should ALWAYS be higher priority than sbmm in social and ranked. None enjoys playing on 150 ms ping NONE. Personaly if i get anything higher than 80 i do my self a favour leave the game, get banned and then proceed to play a game that respects my time.

There barely is bullet magnetism on controler, it’s just some reticle magnetism. That is also why controler players complain, because with some movement that reticle magnetism trails a little, so if a player suddenly changes movement direction, that system can even overcorrect or aim the wrong way.

The whole problem is that they changed system with Aim Assist + Bullet Magnetism with a system with Reticle Magnetism. Since the Bullet Magnetism was not input dependend (its the same for controler and MKB) it was good for both, only the AA was for controler. Now there is no help for MKB anymore, since the Bullet Magnetism is gone, so neither has it. They should just go back to how MCC did it.

Bloom should not be removed. But the aiming with it should definitely be bettered, especially when not zoomed in.

As long as matches reguraly has players ranging from silver/low-gold to high-diamond/onyx even on high populated regions like the US and EU, this is simply a laughable claim. Strict SBMM is not available in this game. That is why a lot of people complain about having no fighting chance or having to heavy carry. There is only a bit balancing (wich the game also fails in a lot), but there is barely any restricting in the skill gaps. Everybody that i know is complaining about the high skill gaps and is not having fun because of that. If any, the SBMM must be much stricter. Silver and gold players should never be put against high diamond or onyx players.

Or more simple: just give back the server selection like MCC had.

Laughable again. There is no strict SBMM, since silver and low-gold players still match against high-diamonds and onyx players. The game just focusses waaaaay to much on very low search times and way to less on SBMM and connection. That is why people get into matches with high ping, unbalanced matches and matches with very high skill gaps. Silver players are even put into high ping matches, just to have to face high diamond and onyx players. That is simply no strict SBMM and absolutely not a system that prioritices SBMM over connection. It just prioritizes very short search times over everything.

Agreed. Just like nobody enjoys to have to fight against way more skilled players or having to heavy carry way less skilled players. All of that is still happening.

Absolutely false. Are you gonna tell me next that controller has no aim assist?

I question your knowlege on the subject. The reason there are many games where golds match against or with onyx players is because of sbmm. Sbmm takes into account the average rank of each team and thats how it creates matches. For ex an onyx player can match against diamond or platinum players while he has gold teammates.

What you just said happens because of sbmm. You just dont realize it it. Many games i have to carry my team of bots against diamonds or platinum players as an onyx player. That is because my team lowers the hidden mmr of the overall team and balances it that way.

Zoom exists when not zoomed in. You want it fixed but not by removing rng bloom? Why would anyone want the highest skill gun in the game to have rng aspects?

Depends on your definition of Aim Assist. If you mean the that the turning speed lowers close to your target, it barely is not available. The game works primarely on reticle magnetism.

And that is not strict. A strict SBMM would severely limit the skill gaps and put you only against people your own skill. If it only does some balancing and barely any limiting in skill gaps, it’s a very loose SBMM.
So it is clearly not strict, it only does some balancing (and already fails in that in a lot of matches)

No, because of the lack of SBMM, since it only does the bare minimum and a less loose SBMM would also limit the skill gaps. SBMM is more then only balancing out teams (and in Infinite that balancing out already fails a lot, although a lot of that is because of the huge skill gaps). SBMM is also how far you limit the skill gaps, and in Infinite it doesn’t do much of that. And that needs to get more strict.

Yes, because there is not strict SBMM. Otherwise you would have gotten into matches with only onyx and diamond players. That is why the SBMM should be stricter in limiting those extreme skill gaps that almost everybody hates.

That RNG is only when you rapid fire, and that is because a sniper rifle is gun with a lot of recoil. That is also why in reality snipers have to be put on the ground to be fired and not just from the hip. 117 ofcourse is a Spartan, so he might have the ability of doing it from teh hip, but that recoil is still there, so he can’t rapid-fire it and still have good aim. The bloom is to reflect that fact. On top of that the sniper would also be way to OP if you can just rapid fire it like the sidekick, both in realism and in practicality just not good.

So explain to me what would be the difference of ranked vs social if the sbmm was individual instead of team based? Dont even try to say that the answer would be anything else than NOTHING. I dont hate extreme skill gap. I actually like getting rewarded when i become better at the game. When you get better at the game you should feel that you are better at the game. If you play social just to fight yourself every game then whats the fun in that? When someone is better than me they should win and when i am better i should win.
The only people who would want strict based matchmaking like you i would imagine that are players new to the game or players who lack skill. If you are anynything lower than diamond in this game i would suggest you improve at the game , see how it feels in social then and after that come here and discuss.

Hahaha. Laughable if you only allow 1 answer… This already signals that your not even interested in an answer.

Not having either boring (on the higher spectre) of unplayable (on the lower spectre) or either of those extremes (middle) matches. Remember that it is a game, so everybody has to be able to have fun, not just the elite.

Or the skilled players who don’t want to get bored because they won’t have a real opposition.

So only people who are very skilled are allowed to have a voice? That is a real elitst argument there.
Every player is just as valuable and is just as allowed to have their voices heared. And a onyx player facing an onyx player is just as sweaty as a bronze player facing a bronze player.
So in your argument the lower skilled players would even be more heared, because it is way more tougher for them to fight an onyx player then it is for you. So if you already are complaining that it’s not fun to fight an onyx player, it would be way less fun for everybody below your skill… So your argument doesn’t even make sence.

Given that any answer other than nothing signals you have no clue on what you are saying. and that i shouldnt take you seriously.

Oh. So people might get bored of not having sweaty matches? Guess what? There is a little mode called ranked in case you didnt know where you are actually expected to sweat and tryhard but i guess in your head social=ranked so i wouldnt expect you to give anything else than the weak argument you already gave.

I didnt say you are not allowed to have a voice.I suggested that you adapt to the game instead of asking of the entire game to become easier just for you. Player adapts to the game not the other way around. I state that you should improveat the game because you clearly must be a low skill player given the arguments you make. Onyx vs Onyx has much less space for counterplay than bronze vs bronze. I feel stubit just for having to explain this to you. The higher you go at the skill ladder the more brain activity and focus the matches require. Thats why i ask you to become better at the game because you clealry lack the knowledge of how sbmm should work for both social and ranked for players who invest the time and get good at the game. The better you are at the game the more you should be rewarded for your efforts. End of story.

It did, because i was talking about overall not just 1 weapon. So the one spreading misinformation is you.

And they don’t do it because it is a lot of BM overall, but just to balance it with other weapons.

And you still don’t realise that BM is not input related, but weappn related, so MKB also gets the same (if you paid attention you would have seen that it was the weapon specifics!). Again misinformation you are spreading.

And last you claim that i don’t have experience in both inputs. I have, wich i already stated multiple times on this forum. So there you are even deliberately lying (even if you didn’t know it, you are claiming that i don’t have experience, so you are lying about knowing somthing about me you clearly don’t).

On top of that you’re making a personal attack (“lack of skill”) and even demonisation (that “people like me” are responsible for “the destruction of the mnk community”, even though we have 0 decision on that and that is 343’s doing), wich are despicable and clearly against the forum rules.