Why Halo can't look like Halo...?

Why Halo can’t look like Halo, with so many other game styles piling over another, the designs that don’t makes it feel familiar to any other Halo game, poorly designed, transforming what should not be transformed.

Why anything that comes from 343i doesn’t look like Halo?

Those lovely days are gone…

But Halo 4 does look like Halo. :confused:

Mysterious, screaming to be explored, abnormal creatures and alien environments, etc.


Everything I’ve seen looks like Halo to me. It’s redesigned, yes, but it still looks like Halo. The series was ready for an artistic overhaul - it’s been the same for 10 years.

Halo 4 looks like Halo. What doesn’t look like Halo in Halo 4? Even the Prometheans look like something that should be in Halo.

Lol, wut?

looks like Halo to me.

What about halo 4 does not look halo to you? I think it looks fine.

Not to mention the two most iconic weapons in Halo are back and badder than ever. (For the most part.)

  1. MA5D Assault Rifle
  2. BR85HB Battlerifle


Don’t you mean Sound?

> What about halo 4 does not look halo to you? I think it looks fine.


God this topic is an abomination.

Why can’t trolls go back into their troll cave? No seriously…
If you haven’t played it, dont judge

Oh God my eyes! The grammar in that OP has singed my eyes forever!!

> God this topic is an abomination.

Clearly the game looks like Halo.


Halo looks like Halo and 343 does not deserve to burn.

It looks more like Halo than Reach and Halo 3 did.

A few gameplay elements aside of course.

This darker more mature Halo that is Halo 4 is making me happier. I love the easy detection of enemies in Halo campaign and multiplayer but I always did feel it was a little too cartoon-ish.

Now with the 343i design I feel the game suits my tastes better and has made Halo the right tone and aesthetic for me personally.

> > What about halo 4 does not look halo to you? I think it looks fine.
> Perks.

Lol, you know what he meant.

On topic, the only thing I don’t like is that it seems the wings of the Pelican don’t swivel anymore. It’s one of the main things that made the Pelican iconic, and I have no idea why 343 may have wanted to change that particular aspect.

The art style seems fairly consistent to me.