Why Halo can be the best community around.

I figured it’d be okay to post this here, as it’s mostly Halo related, and I’m sure some of you would find this amusing.Anywho, on Febuary 13th I got married. This obviously meant a Stag-do beforehand. Now due to a kidney disease, I don’t drink, which tends to put a downer on such events. My wonderful friends, knowing this fact, organised a slightly different Stag-do…called STAGFEST.

Now excuse the preamble, but I’m going to take the opportunity to give you an idea of what these “fests” are. Back in glory days of Halo 2, I was very lucky to be part of a massive group on Bungie.net called Halo2 UK. In this group, back in 2004, I met various people, who I still not only just play games with, but have come to know so well, they are invited to my wedding. A lot of people don’t understand how gaming can bring such a varied group of people together, and how it can keep them gaming together for over 6 years. It’s pretty amazing, and it’s probably why I’m very fond of Bungie and Halo in general. Anyway, Halo 2 was a lot of fun, and I took the brave (insane?) step of inviting 7 online pals over to my home for a weekends gaming over LAN shortly after Halo 2’s release. They proved so popular and so fun that “Sikfests” occur around every 3 months ever since - and if I can’t host one, someone else will.


Anyways, fast forward to last weekend, my friends organised a Stagfest for 16 of us, and it was awesome. On saturday morning, my friends sat me down and presented me with my own Montage with various gameplay clips from Halo 3/Reach.


](http://vimeo.com/19583827)When I had turned around, they had all changed t-shirts while I was watching the screen to read the phrase “Best Game Ever TM”, a catchphrase I’m often caught saying for every new release, so it had become a bit of an in-house joke.


](http://i706.photobucket.com/albums/ww70/JonnieClarko/P1050312.jpg)I was then presented with a deluxe Master Chief Costume, which I was required to wear for the rest of the day…including going bowling. All in all, a great weekend. Very lucky to know such awesome people.

Thought I’d share.

That’s an awesome testament to the Halo community :smiley:

I’m also a fan of the LAN & have spent many a happy weekend shouting the house down with various pals, and was lucky enough to meet my long suffering real life wingman playing Halo 3.

Keep running and gunning :smiley: