Why Halo 5 Needs More Than Competition

First off, let me provide some weight to my views on this. I’ve played Halo since Halo 2, and have continued to play all the games to the point I have all the achievements of all the Halo games. (With the exception of MCC, and achievements all done, though on separate platforms for Spartan Assault). I’ve watched 343’s documentaries on the making of Halo 5, and understand that they are trying to really bring back a competitive nature to Halo which I fully respect.

The competitive nature that 343 is trying to bring Halo back to should make all hardcore fans of Halo rejoice, but as Halo is something I wish to see thrive 30 years from now, I want to convey an absolute need to incorporate other games into Halo 5 that aren’t necessarily competitive, but may be great places for those of less skill, or differing tastes may still find a love for the series.

While Spartan Ops was perceived as a rather big lost opportunity to make many people find another way to appreciate Halo, it did one thing that not many people applaud it for: A great method to introduce new people to the series. The episodic content teasing people to come back week after week, able to use your own spartan, not fighting against but fighting with other players, and an almost non-existent failure rate in missions. You could bring someone into the game, and as long as they got 1 kill after dying once, they were still making progress.

In many ways, I would love to see them reintroduce Spartan Ops with minor adjustments:
-Access to skulls to further augment difficulty. (They did this with MCC, but they never did it on the 360.)
-If playing on Heroic difficulty and higher, apply a finite amount of respawns. (Respawns>Infinite respawns on friends to still make the game more playable when playing solo.)

That would be one thing that 343 can do to bring in new members and keep them around. With that said, I believe that among the Halo community, having a more customization flexible Firefight would be immensely more beneficial. It would be a place for members regardless of skill could go and really have fun. I know that I spent much more time with friends playing Firefight on Halo Reach then I ever did playing Spartan Ops on Halo 4, and not for lack of love for Halo 4.

Firefight would be:
-Easier to program, thus more probable to see in Halo 5
-If given proper customization of things like infinite lives, would be almost as good for introducing new players to Halo.

Halo 5 is going to be a much more competitive oriented game and that’s amazing, but I want to ensure that 343 doesn’t lose sight of things of giving it’s community the keys to further make quality content. We need and demand a better forge than Halo 4 gave us, we need gametypes like Richochet and Grifball to continue, and we need a way for members to test their skill against AI other than playing through Campaign which gets increasingly stale the more it is replayed.

343, give your community Firefight to test themselves without getting mad at each other. Cooperative games statistically induce less rage then Competitve games. I don’t want you to do a thing to Halo 5 multiplayer, the beta was absolutely amazing, and I trust the direction that you guys are taking it, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Give us a highly customizable Firefight to bite down into, even give us the ability to forge our own firefight maps if possible! If we make a game that crashes, then it crashes, but at least give us the means to make amazing content without having to try to hack the game. If you don’t already have Firefight in the game, then hear my demand for it. I would HAPPILY pay for additional DLC in Firefight for Halo 5. As someone that owns a gaming community, it would be so beautiful to have our members team up, and try to outdo each other’s total scores on Firefight when they get tired of shooting at each other. It would be amazing to have a tool to bring our fresh members, our friends and family who are interested in Halo, but feel like they suck so bad they don’t want to hinder us in picking up the controller.

Spartan Ops was amazing, but what the community will rise up and cheer for is Firefight, improved Forging Tools, and the amazing Multiplayer that you have shown us in the Beta.