Why Halo 5 BRs are Broken

Heyo yall, we all see the crazy amount of BR starts are bad threads (i see great counter-arguments within those threads too to be fair). However I wanted to address why the BRs in Halo 5 really are OP and mess up gameplay. (This is coming from a BR lover too).

A lot of people think its because for the Rate of Fire that the BRs have become so OP (and easy to use although them being easy to use is the reason they are OP).

Im here to explain that it is not the rate of fire that is making the BRs ttk so low: Its because the engagements (BR battles) are so much further in distance in H5, the large hitboxes, and low base movement speed.

  1. Engagement distances: Maps are much larger in Halo 5. To compensate for that; all the guns work extremely well (too well) for distance fights. So why does that make the BR overpowered/ too easy to use? The further someone is away, the less their strafing makes a difference.
  • Imagine that someone is 5 feet away. They move 5 feet to their left. You must move ur reticle 45 degrees to the right to keep up with their movement.- Now imagine someone is 500 feet away and moves 5 feet to their left. You must move ur reticle less than a degree to keep up with them…2. Throw in the fact that hitboxes are much larger, base player movement is much slower and that the BR works efficient at all distances. It makes pulling off a 4 shot quite easy. And the BR becomes super powerful! Making BR starts feel closer to a snipefest than it should.


So yeah its not really the BRs fault that it is OP or easy to use. Its mainly cuz the map sizes are so large and all the weapons now work at longer distances.