Why Halo 4 forge is not up to Standards!

Dear, Certain Infinity or 343i

(most of these issues are opinions)

First of all I want to touch on a really big problem (for me a least) the texturing is horrid , instead of gray - which I was perfectly fine with you ( Certain Infinity) made forge blindly white. I must admit that the shading had some effect but deeper into your forge it Goes Away? I’ll talk about that later, but all of the pieces are UNSC based and pactactlty made for flood!

  • Most of the objects have asymmetrical textures

  • Most of the objects have pieces/fragments sticking out of them

Once you hit around 7000 or 6000 budget your ’ shading ’ goes away and your left with a blinding field of white and no differentiation. I also mentioned how the shading helped make the white better, now its gone… How bout that?

Why are the pieces so complicated? They have bumps and curves and mostly all of them have rounded edges. All I wanted was a flat piece.

  • That is all, Thank you for your time.

XBL - i Sinzzl