Why Halo 4 features are like COD

First before you rage on here i’ll tell you the features that is from COD, but if you don’t think so then you never really played halo.

Halo 4 -------- Call of duty

Loadouts---- Loadouts

kill cams— Kill cams

Final kill cams— final kill cams

Perks ---- perks

xp level up base ---- xp level up base

spartan ops(the name)----- Spec ops

But the only feature that halo kept is to custom emblems and spartan, but maybe theres mores that I forgot to mention. I still love Halo a lot but im just pointing out what isn’t really their Ideas. this is saying something…

If anything why couldn’t they steal from Battlefield 3?

24 players on Massive Maps.

Arsenal of guns to choose from.

Vehicles that are fun to drive and actually CAN MOVE.

You can choose what map or play type you want to play in not have to hijacked by some veto or vote system.

I mean if you’re gonna steal from another game go with one similar to yourself that enjoys vehicles and infantry battles.
At least if not that then steal from BattleFront.

Since I am not a rabid COD hater, I actually like the addition of loadouts and stuff. While the loadout system is far from perfect, I don’t hate it just becacuse “it is in COD, too”.

Same opinion on kill cams (especially when helping to determine if a betrayal was purposeful or not). Perks on the other hand, I have mixed feeling and stuff about. Things like Wheelman and Drop Recon are cool, but I have issues with others like Ammo and Resupply. We shouldn’t need perks to have more ammo and be able to pick up grenades.

I am indifferent to the EXP level up thing. But I love Spartan Ops. I don’t care that COD has a Spec Ops. I am not going to hate it just because it has “Ops” in its name.

Really tired of seeing this over and over. COD did not come up with these features. COD just made them popular. No one can really say that COD isnt a big game but because it is many new FPS will adapt features to help with their game simply because if gamers like them then why not add them. The trick is to change them make them differnt. Good example is Firefight. GoW 2 made Horde mode popular but it wasnt the fist game to try this mode out. Halo ODST gave us something like Horde but was differnt at the same time. Kill streaks in COD give the player something that earns them kills. Having a Helicopter fly around shooting at other players is one example. In HAlo 4 you get to chose a reward. Nades, damage boost, differnt weapons, so on and so on. Im sick to death of this Halo OCD war that i know isnt gonna die anytime soon but its time that players see that COD did not make the FPS genre what it is today. COD has taken many things from other FPS as well as come up0 with their own ideas. It may have high population numbers but that doesnt mean that every FPS from now on has to be made with intent that it will be based off of a COD title. COD is one type of FPS BF3 is another type of FPS, Halo is differnt FPS

Get a grip…

Yes, there are feature that people can link to COD. However, Halo 4 plays NOTHING LIKE COD. Get it… Relating features is where the similarities end.


Keep in mind, TONS of games have these systems, COD is nowhere near the first. Also, loadouts are FINE, it’s just that they allow you to spawn with the DMR/BR. They should’ve used BF3’s assist system. It is without question the best possible way of doing it. if you get an assist, you immediately get 50 points (would be 5 in halo) for the assit, then X/100 for however much damage (1-100%) you did to the person, allowing you to get MORE than 1 kills worth of points if the kill is stolen from you.

Loadouts in Halo do not allow you to spawn with every weapon available in the game, nor do they allow you to modify the weapons besides the skin.

Perks do not affect your character’s speed, damage or health in the game. At the same time, you do not get to use as many perks.

Killstreaks do not help make the game as easy as CoD’s killstreaks. Die, and the enemy can use the weapon you spawned in.against your team, -Yoink!- turn the match around. They are only at a personal level and.do not support your team.
If you are going to do a comparison, actually put in details of the two subjects into some detail before you go about saying “X=Y” when they do not share the as many similarities as you like to claim.

Play BO2 and play Halo 4. You will to.d the two do not play the same in NY way, shape or form beyond the fact they are both FPSs.

So because COD had a few good ideas, no other game ever can use those ideas?

How are games supposed to evolve if they’re too afraid to try new ideas just because someone else thought of them?