Why H4 Needs a Ranking System

Why H4 NEEDS a 1-50 Ranking System
I’m only assuming it’s too late for Reach, but maybe I’m wrong.

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The primary arguments people make against this ranking system are the following. Below each, I explain why they’re wrong.

Bought 50s

First off, I just wanted to point out that bought 50s were literally 1% of the 50s population. Anyone who is a legit 50 can vouch for you. If a 50 played bad one game, everyone called them a bought 50 when really they just had an off game or weren’t paying attention.

Even so, is it really a problem that someone wants to take the chance of buying a 50? More statistics for you, again, anyone with a 50 can tell you, that 95% of people offering to sell 50s were scammers. If they want to take the risk and waste their money trying to buy a 50, that’s their choice.

Aside from that, let’s say they DO successfully buy a 50 account. All they’re doing is throwing themselves in the deep end playing with people MUCH above their skill level. Again, that’s up to them. No one is going to try to stop them.

And why would anyone care that someone is “bought 50?” Because a 50 in H3 was meaningful and willing to admit it or not, A LOT of people were jealous.


Boosters and derankers was an EXTREMELY rare phenomenon until late in Halo 3. If you were like most people, you always search with a full party if you want to win, so why would you complain if there is people letting you win on the other team? Even so, we shouldn’t remake the system of ranking, remake the system of catching and banning these people. It seriously can’t be that hard to detect these people. If someone above level 15 finishes a game with less than 0 kills, there’s more than likely something up.

And why does anyone care about whether or not people are deranking? Because in H3 you CARED about rank. If people are deranking in Reach, I’ll quit. There’s no reason why I should stay there. Rank means NOTHING in Reach.

The reason there isn’t derankers in Reach isn’t because Bungie got it right with the arena. It’s because there is no ranking system in Reach. Seriously, in CoD do you care if your teammate runs around aimlessly shooting? Unless you’re a serious CoD try hard, the answer is no, not even a little.


This kinda falls under with deranking so I’m not gonna talk about it too much.

Myth: Boosters make you level up instantly. I know from experience this is absolutely false.
Fact: Boosters may make it a little easier to level, but you still have to win.

Playing with a “booster” is almost the same as playing with someone better than you. If they’re willing to play with you, they have to try to carry you to the win. If both parties are consenting, it isn’t in any way bad.

Second (or more) Accounters

Not much you can say about this. People are going to do it no matter what. People do it in reach and CoD. Reach montage kids do this at least once a month and there is nothing you can do to stop it; no, arena doesn’t change anything.

1-50 Should Not be Cumulative (grand total), but Based on Your Current Skill Level (current sample)

Umm, it is. If you play on your 50 and you got worse, you WILL lose it. There is no way around it. And the “current skill level” has been tried and failed. No one wants to work for something they will lose every month (now 3 months but still)

Level locking

This is ABSOLUTELY a myth. Sure, it can be tough to get yourself leveling up again, but its not impossible.

After winning 15 straight on my Team Slayer 46, I thought I was level locked. I won a few more and leveled and then 50 games later, I got a 50. Was it hard? Yes. Is that what made it all the more satisfying? Absolutely. People who think they are level locked (cover your ears if your one of them) aren’t good enough to win ‘x’ amount of games to level up. That’s it.

If you read all my ramblings, thank you. If you agree or disagree leave a reply. I’ll be sure to listen to your opinions.

There are two completely different 1-50 ranking systems. The one you’re talking about seems to be Halo 3’s, in which case i completely disagree with you.

What a fantastic, and completely original, idea. Bravo.

Its so simple to fix the boosting/de ranking problem. We need a halo 2 ranking system in halo 4. No question about it.

I totally agree i rarely ever had any of these problems

> Why H4 NEEDS a 1-50 Ranking System

I did not read the thread. But I agree with everyone and everything who wants a 1-50 ranking system.

So you are essentially saying that boosting, deranking and multiple accounts are inconsequential and the 1-50 ranking system should just be re-introduced.

I am certain that Bungie shared with 343i all the information and statistics they had concerning the disaster that skill-based ranks brought to Halo 3 and why they abandoned it with Reach.

TrueSkill exists to match similarly skilled players together in a game. It is not for determining who the best player is. There is no system that I am aware of that does because there is no agreement on what constitutes “the best”.

If TrueSkill is allowed to work as intended you will always be in a challenging match. If you are “good” you will always be playing “good” players. There really shouldn’t be any reason to check stats before a match.

Ranks don’t matter

As a person who doesn’t so much care about rank, I actually preferred Reach’s system. There were much less derankers than there were in Halo 3. Derankers too so much fun out of an amazing game. It got so sickening with people quitting at the start of every single game, leaving the team at a major disadvantage.

As long as we have some sort of ranking system, I don’t mind too much if its H3’s or H2’s. I guess the best would probably be to do some sort of mix of those 2

Halo 2’s ranking system > Halo 3’s ranking system

The TrueSkill in Halo 3 is garbage.

Having both competitive and social playlists is vital as it will cater to both of those groups of players.

I think Halo 4 should be something like this…

Competitive Playlists - Halo 2 Ranking System

Social Playlists - Reach’s Ranking System