Why forcing console players to cross play?

Well is not that hard man. If you are playing console you just go to your most recent players and the ones on PC will have a pc and a monitor logo right below their names.


By forcing cross play in BTB 343i are going against what Phil Spencer said in this interview


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Cross play should not be forced on players, it’s down to the players how and who they wish to play against. The ability to disable cross play in Halo Infinite should be implemented in all playlists not just ranked. At the end of the day some people don’t enjoy 4v4 arena and mainline BTB and yet, 343i have forced cross play onto them.


Because of crossplay? Or a variety of things? Are you controller player on xbox? Running into aim bot or something - I’ve read other’s claim it but haven’t seen it myself yet? From what I’ve seen, we still decimate the average mouse player. Maybe at the top tier, mouse players might be better, but certainly it’s not anywhere near the average player.

Well, an interesting statement but unfortunately made in 2016… :confused:

Honestly it shouldn’t matter, cross play should always be optional. I honestly don’t think Phil Spencer and Xbox have changed their stance on this.

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Actually, if you don’t mind Ranked, you can toggle the Crossplay and Pre-Built teams off…