Why forcing console players to cross play?

You can even not turn it off in the Xbox system settings, because it uses Xbox live account to load, the settings will only stop those not using Xbox live account games from crossing play. So WHY FORCING us to play cross play?


Expanding markets with bantha fodder for the pc easy street race to draw them in idk but I do know my console is set to not allow this but still does. Allow 5 to 6 pc players a round today’s average. And figures

Few reasons:

  1. Xbox Game Pass - MS offering same titles on both platforms. Its not the main reason, but it compliments their current strategy.
  2. F2P model - Halo MP being unfortunately F2P means they need bring as many people possible under one platform and remove as many barriers as possible, so they can nickel and dime us all. Headcount is what is the priority, not headshots.
  3. Insecurity about games future - Its an artificial way how to increase your game population and keep the game alive longer during content draughts.

Look if we would get an option to turn it off everybody would do so and it would defeat the whole purpose of implementing it. To be a devils advocate, I guess its nice when you have friends playing only on pc or vice versa, but you are also opening gates to cheaters and make console players suffer too…


I can’t play this game anymore. I’m a hardcore halo fan but this it for me. I’m out! Hopefully we will se some changes by Dec 4th, otherwise, I’m closing this book.


343i is going to ruin our game experience in this way. If u dont provide us with a more secured way, cheaters are soon going to ruin this game. Just an option for console players to choose not to play with PC XBox plz


SO? I dont think it is good to force players to choose, btw, giving us the toggle is not equal to disable or shut the cross play down for every player.

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the game was built for crossplay. thats why xbox now has to by default cod zoom. ect. they finally made the pc mouse/keyboard competitive against controllers that used to overkill. be happy with it. thats why they turned off team killing so you dont have to be outstrafed. and now we can 12v12.

Bro did you know that hackers have been spotted already?? The final game is not even out yet

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A bit weird though that in Ranked, if you go solo/duo queue you can only choose either M/K OR Controller (it’s not disabling crossplay per se, but it splits the people still), yet in “Open” search Crossplay is the only option.

Yeah, it’s strange having the option for solo/duo only.

I haven’t quite made up my mind about fairness yet, but I tend to lose to stacks of pc players.

Whether or not they were on mnk, I have no idea.

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people are claiming hackers but they are people that are just that powerful as far as builds go. anyone with 600fps is going to get 6x more kills than the average player. lol.

What hacks and where? I’ve heard no reports

Can’t share the link but just search on YouTube “ halo infinite hackers”

Hopefully once the full game is up and running they will have an option to change it

There’s a pretty prolifant aim bot on Halo PC due to crossplay. It’s called “aim assist” and every console player gets it as standard while we on PC have to use just skill.

Very irritating.

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Other than suspicions due to turn speed, how are people 100% sure they’re playing against PC or console players?

I think crossplay is a great feature that allows you to play with your friends

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I’m glad that you agree that we should be able to choose if we play against controller or M&K, and PC or console to make it fair.

like i said this games designed to have them both used in mind and have taken precautions to make sure its even for example in all of the mastechief collection you were able to adjust the coaxial deadzone or whatever ON MOUSE. which is what made it so overkill to be able to use it. with infinite you cant adjust any of that stuff. its not “hackable” lol. you used to be able to turn the autoaim completely off basically on mouse and just point and shoot. there was like a tilt balance that you could zero off. theres no settings on mouse and keyboard for that in infinite.

I’ve actually wondered the same thing. I think for a lot of people, it comes down to ego. If they get beat by someone, in their mind it’s obviously because the other player was using a different input device and had an unfair advantage.

That being said, I still think we should be able to turn crossplay off. It’s awesome to have as an option for those who want it, but shouldn’t be forced on people. Solo queuing already let’s you choose for ranked, just expand it to social as well.

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