Why farming happens

Farming isnt because of Achilles, its not because of KD, its because its easy. Its not hard to snipe someone, hold down there core with heavy vehicles, etc while farming. Many farm because they want to fight at an advantage, where they don’t have to deal with strafing, spartan abilities, and accurate oncoming fire. On the Achilles front, yeah its easier to get these ludicrously high commendations, but some of those companies who have the full package still farm. Because farming is easy when the other side cant fight back to the fullest extent.
343 doesn’t plan every part of their game and its strategies. For example look at the super slide glitch. 343 sadly removed the glitch because it was a glitch, not a play-style. So don’t thrash 343 for farming, when the play-style falls in the same line as camping and having your older cousin give you the controller with a broken LT -_-…
And to clear things out, just because you don’t like their play-styles, don’t demonize these people. Its just a game, and there’s no need to send them bad XBL messages, and other ****. People would rather go the easy way than the more friendly way of playing games. No one can change that.
Maybe 343 could if they added escape areas of the map like the watchtower facing the spire on ROA7, but i dont know if that could happen. Just spit-balling. Thanks for taking the time to look at my view of this topic, and happy gaming