Why exile?

Simple question.

What the -Yoink- is so appealing about Exile? It is what EVERYONE chooses!

I notice it’s a popular pick in Dominion. That and Longbow. I thought it was weird, but didn’t really complain. Not like it’s a bad map.

Exile is a quality map

Aside from being a half decent Dominion map people happen to like it because it is easy.

I know the concept of an easy map may sound weird, but think about it.

Huge, wide open sight lines on two ends of the map. Nice, camp friendly caves in the center and on the sides.

Gauss Hog. Scorpion. Banshee.

The map is easy to get streaks on, thus people enjoy it. They can grind out a huge variety of commendations here. There is an opportunity for just about ANY commendation to be pushed along.

The is also why Valhalla gets picked. It is an easy map. Hell all Valhalla really comes down to is trying to control either the center Hill or Pelican and just spamming DMR at anything that comes from the enemy spawn. Even the Banshee is just DMR food since there aren’t many places for it to hide, so the most threatening vehicle on the map isn’t really threatening.

At this stage players are starting to realize that the Mantis isn’t actually all that strong, it is just super annoying. But I’m seeing even pub players who are smart enough to prioritize taking it out early on.