Why Escharum wasn’t a good Character

Escharum, outside of the boss fight. Appeared only in Holographic messages to Chief, that pretty much said the same thing over and over again. I don’t understand why Chief sympathized with him in the end. He seemed like a big bad, but then Atriox is back. They build up the tension through the campaign but you never really see what he can do. After he’s dead, you then hear a grunt comms officer tell you that this was only a tiny part of the ring?? So if that’s the case then why kill off Escharum so quickly. Will there be another boss? Can it possibly be Jega Rdomnai who replaces Escharum? Honestly I’m just so confused. Escharum didn’t really have a personality until the end, which didn’t serve the plot or the character very well. Like here we have Escharum telling Chief that he killed all of his friends and then later when Escharum is defeated by Chief and begs Chief to fight him Chief give him a nice little love hand on the shoulder and then tells the Pilot he respects him for being a soldier?! Seriously 343 you could do better.


Jega is dead. You kill him directly before you encounter Escharum. It’s more than likely Atriox will assume the role of leader of the Banished once again.

Yes, but Jega disappears after he dies. No body. He does the little red disappearing thing.

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I liked Escharum.

He was a walking trope… but he was pretty well done. And he served his role as the “disposable” big bad. He gave a sense of completeness.

As for a sense of what he could do? I don’t think that was the point. It was more about what he had done. I thought it was made quite clear that Escharum was well past his used by date. Dying even.

And the Chief’s final reaction wasn’t necessarily about Escharum. It was more about the Chief and his character. His feelings towards the enemy.


I found his Trope-infused character to be a bit cringy and it hurt the immersion of the game story with such a strong focus on his "rivalry: with Chief.

No other Halo game has dialogue like this where the main character acts like some WWE villain who wants to fight the protagonist. He definitely had SOME good writing but the whole “oUr bAtTlE wIlL bE leGeND” stuff felt very CLICHE and amateurish in terms of the overall narrative.

The weapon, Cortana and Pilot were written much better as their dialogue felt more natural and not forced like Escahrum’s did.


… … What are you talking about? Did you kill him with a disintegration weapon?

Yeah, according to the Wikis, he is dead. And Escharum did say that he offered up a prize better than the life of Echo 216 - “A Warrior’s Death”

No, he dies for good. I even gave him a good ol punch to the corpse and bagged him.
You trying to tell me my bag isn’t real? Huh?


He was nothing but the biggest SlMP in Halo History.

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I disagree.

Escharum was the one who trained Atriox. And as such, he stood in Atriox’s shadow. And with Atriox gone, he leads the Banished, but his age was faltering and he was slowly losing support of his own men. We saw how Tremonious challenged his word early on.

Escharum wanted to die a warrior’s death and inspire others. And so, he was overjoyed when The Master Chief was back, someone who he deemed worthy of slaying him so he fought and died well. Or if he managed to kill him, he could prove that he was truly mighty in spite of his age.


Seeing how he trained and was SlMPING hard for Atriox before being pummeled by Chief ; It’s pretty safe to say Chief would fold Atriox like a chair in a proper 1 v 1 fight… You know, a fight where Atriox and Chief square off instead of having to ambush Chief at the start of Infinite lol


Putting your text in all bold-face super-sized italics doesn’t do anything to support your strange claims.

Escharum was a character that was a simpler one, yes, but would you rather have a super-well-done character close the Part 1 of the story so that Part 3’s finale of Chief vs. Atriox will be underwhelming by comparison? Or would you rather have a simpler yet agreeable antagonist come before the main villain of the faction?


His character was POORLY written, he was given the “ Jul Mdama “ treatment and killed off. Thats how bad his character was.

At the end of the day, it doesnt matter what arguments you can make for him ; lol He was folded like a chair and put away. If were being Honest, Atriox is a poorly written character and was given the “ Jul Mdama " Treatment as well… In fact, Atriox is such an under developed character that Escharum has more of a backstory than he does, thats factoring in Halo Wars 2 storyline as well.

Regardless, both are dead ; And Atriox is dead, that final cutscene doesnt confirm that he is alive and 343 Industries has confirmed no claims that he is alive either. So he is dead for the time being, If “ Time Travel is involved, then honestly the franchise is just trash then, “ Time travel “ is the worse plot device with soo many issues with it that are always ignored ; That and it would show that Cortana’s sacrifice was all for nothing considering that Zeta Halo is repairing itself.



Brian Reed (the terrible writer who made Spartan Ops and became the Narrative Director of the franchise, and rewrote Halo 5 into Halo 5 Guardians) doesn’t know how to handle antagonists, which is why he killed off The Didact in a comic book and why he killed off Jul at the VERY beginning of Halo 5.

Atriox is alive. He is going to be one of the main antagonists of Part 2 and Part 3 of Halo Infinite’s story. His line of “My face is the last thing you will ever see” is going to come full circle when He and Master Chief go in for a final tussle as the two fight each other with Part 3’s Finale.

I dunno where you got that idea from, but Time Travel isn’t being used in Halo Infinite.

Cortana approached the screen and blocked our view of Atriox as she walked away from him. What is most likely to happen is that Atriox ran and used a teleporter to get out of The Silent Auditorium as it was destroyed by the Crashed Guardian. As a result, he likely got teleported to a section of the ring, the same one that we see John and The Weapon go to at the close of he story mode as, once again, The Silent Auditorium is collapsing.

Cortana scarified herself for a few reasons. Mainly to spare John having to kill her and as her own way of atoning for her wrongdoings as she realized just what she was doing with all that power. She outright says that she made mistakes and wants her replacement to learn from them. Did you skip the cutscenes or something?

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Motivation is hard to understand. Behavior is full of contradictions.
Is it a soldier’s practice to transfer the damage to the pilot?

To be fair we hardly ever see Jul let alone hear him speak. At least with the new guy we can somewhat understand his motives.

Spartan Ops

Basically only 10% of the fanbase knows whats up.

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Huh, what? Lol seriously? Escharum was a great character compared to the Warden Eternal! I mean the Didact was a pretty good villain too but Escharum was there best villain yet!!!

I thought he was just fine. Not terrible, but not great either. My biggest problem with him was that he just didn’t have anything to do. He’s constantly just waiting for his chance to fight Chief. I’d have preferred they gave him a clear goal outside of hunting Chief/player.


no its a coward’s way to do a fight

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Escharum is an ok character. Their motivations/goals (as others have so kindly said) make sense so the story makes sense which is the point.

The voice acting is wayyy over the top and the writing itself (Angry Joe made it a running joke lol) is a bit odd, but I just don’t think that is enough to completely ruin the character.

Whereas a lot of characters are complicated and have hidden motivations Escharum wears his heart on his sleeve, so in a way he’s likeable because even though he did so many awful things there isn’t some sort of alterior motive… Escharum is a soldier and was willing to do anything to win and the whole story was basically him going kamikaze with his time running out.