Why elites aren't playable in Halo 5

As far as I know, sangheili armor never had thruster pack, though that could be easily fixed by having them evade instead, although that would not fix the ground pound or charges. In short, elites can’t do Spartan abilities except for clamber, which they have been doing for a long time. That’s my best and most logical explanation for ‘even if we did let players play as elites, there’s still’ yadda yadda.


The real reason is real life time and resources at 343. Same reason the Arbiter has a Storm Sangheili model Halo 5, when that’s not his correct subspecies at all (One way you can tell is based of where the mandibles connect in relation to the eyes). His model in Halo 2 Anniversary is his canonical appearance.

HELIOSKRILL ARMOR is Sangheili made. There is no reason to think they cant/don’t have equivalent armor sets for their own elite (no pun intended) soldiers.

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