Why dont we have playable elites again?

I’ve heard its because they want it to be a “spartan story” but some of the cores, customization options kind of take the illusion of a realistic simulation or a “spartan story”.


I guessed they wanted to focus on one set up before introducing others. Like how we don’t have customizing options for Banished Weapons and Vehicles like we do for UNSC vehicles yet.

Wouldn’t be surprised if we got them down the line if the game stays alive long enough.


At one point, 343 was working on bringing playable elites to multiplayer for social only. But since the upper management change and the change in priorities, I’m not sure if the team is still working on this.


It would be an incredible amount of work to satiate a small (but passionate) segment of the playing group.

Character models, animations, audio, sandbox balancing, etc.

And of course getting stuff into the store (coatings and armours) to make it worth while.

Hopefully they will bring the Arbiter back to the Campaign at some stage. That will justify a lot of the work above. And they can leverage off that to bring back playable Elites to Social games.


My guess is time. I assume at one point Infinite had a regular story: 3 act A plot plus a B plot. This is standard story telling. Any writer can tell that the Infinite story is literally missing its entire B plot, and third act.

In five years they made about a half a game. It’s shorter than Doom Eternal which was made in less than one and frankly looks better. I think a lot of people would be really annoyed if they spent the time adding features like that considering a lot of us literally would not have bought the game, if we knew couch coop would be cancelled. A lot of us just bought it to play with our spouse/kids and we can’t get refunds.

It’s become bloatware that no team is capable of managing.

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Large in part - balance. It’s never been well balanced. You know what Strongsiding is? In Halo 3, Elites didn’t even have to do that. They just turned. On top of that there was a helmet choice that was actually missing its neck hitbox, so, shots would miss entirely.

Now, Elites are so different from Spartans they’d only make sense in Asymmetrical play - like Reach. But it’s a lot of resources to dedicate to a mode that wasn’t even played much anyway.

Basically, playing Elites needs to be worth it for them to make stuff for it.


I wonder if this topic will go on for months and hundreds of replies like the last one.

bruh… that’s all people played


I wouldn’t let them get to you there trying to get you mad by trolling you.

That’s all that 'part" of the population played.

I pretty much never played it.

My regular Halo group didn’t like it (except for one player). I don’t recall then ever asking to play that game mode.

And 343 would have very accurate numbers of how sustainable the population is.

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No, it’s not. You’re living in an alternate reality if you think Invasion is what people remember of Reach as the most played mode.

Maybe I’m misremembering. But I knew very few people who played it.

I’m not a troll, Sonic. I might be a jerk, I might be coarse, I might be flagrantly disrespectful… But a troll? No.

This. Right here. Every playlist decision 343i makes is because they have the data on what works. Twenty. Years of it… and clearly, Invasion has not been a priority since 2011.

You know what has been?

Team Slayer.
Team Objective.
Tactical Slayer.
Big Team Battle. (With the notable exception of Halo 5 - where it launched with Warzone instead, and acted as a hybrid of prior modes. Note that BTB is once again, Experimental in Halo: Infinite - and very mixed.
[Variety Slayer mode of your choosing.]

Thread, everything else… has come second.

343i does know what works. Those are the core modes.

EDIT: And I’m sorry, but while I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment that Elites exist as an entire species of eligable boyfriends, my Gods are they molten hot, I’m not going to act like someone who’s name is thiccElite has an unbiased and objective take about the popular game modes of Halo.

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Cause it would add fun to the game.


And that it would.

But at what cost for how much fun.

They have more than enough on their plate at the moment getting the game right for the majority.

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Were not saying thay have to do it right away just make sure it does get add to the game later on.

Playable Elites should have never been added. This breaks equal starts, the reason I love playing Halo.

Playable Elites should definitely be a thing for Assymetrical modes and Firefight.
But also it would be a fun way to have some twists on old modes.

Covenant Slayer could be playing with Covenant / Banished weapons AND as Elites rather than Spartans.

Infection could have the infected be the Elites rather than Spartans.

Or we could just have Playable Elites in regular PvP . Certain Affinity’s models are pretty well made and solid. All you gotta do is make sure their hitboxes are correct and that when they move it does not prevent certain hitboxes from being struck.


Yes. The Halo setup is very much geared towards gameplay as a Spartan. It’s not like say, Star Wars Battlefront, where you could have all these different classes. An elite just isn’t the same as a Spartan.

Halo is also very much a competitive game and theres a heavy focus on its Arena gameplay being competitive. That means fairness and having skins which alter hit boxes or confuse players just wouldn’t do. The easiest way to keep a game fair is to reduce the variables. It’s why say, Battlefront isn’t balanced but it’s very fun and has all these unit and hero types.

More generally, 343 hasn’t been able to produce enough games to warrant doing a spin off game with the Halo brand apart from HW and a few smaller projects. So the focus is on Chief story continuing every five years. Which doesn’t leave space for a Spartan and the first place to go outside of Chief would be another Spartan or ODST not an Elite.

Like I could see Alpha Nine or Vale. I couldn’t see you playing as the Arbiter again without making a whole new game.


I would mind seeing another ODST game.

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Nice to see someone gets it. At the MOST, they should be allowed in social, never in ranked though. The frustration of needing an entire extra burst in H3 for elites was something.

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Its just drip feeding. Imagine the hype on season 9 when playable elites are revealed as an armor core