why don't unlock the mark vi scarred?

i have the achiviement cairo estation but no unlock the armor,what can i do?

i hear ya buddy. i too have not gotten the armor set even though i have done the acheivement 3 times now…

I’ve had that armor since beta, didn’t know it was a unlock.

I also am having the problem. I unlocked “Your Journey Begins” and “Cairo Station” achievements in the Master Chief Collection. When I go to my armor in Halo 5 I can choose the Mark VI Gen 1 armor. However it shows in my collection that I have yet to unlock it. My helmet and armor collection does not show that I have the Scared Armor and the REQ collection does not show the Scared Armor unlocked. Any ideas?

You have to finish Halo 5 campaign

If I equip scarred on waypoint it equips it in-game but it doesn’t appear in collections lol WTF