Why Don't Pro Players Strafe?

Over the last few months I’ve been watching the HCS live on twitch. I’ve noticed none of the pro players really strafe. Does anyone know why?

Probably because up there you’re going to die fast anyways so move in the way that helps you aim the best

been watching naded’s stream a few days ago and he sure as hell does strafe

when you know your going to get perfected it doesn’t really matter.
rule of combat: know your enemy

If the enemy is a good shot strafing wont matter. I find it cute when spartans try to crouch in order to dupe me.

IF some of them arent, or have a small one, and this is only IF, someone with 80% avccuracy is going to hit you pretty much no matter what, but down at the lower levels where the accuray ranges from 30-45% then strafing helps a lot more

Moving from point a to point b while putting in damage. If it’s objective and and you’re strafing and shooting from your base, you’re literally doing what the other team wants you to do because you can’t teleport and magically reappear at a power position or the other side of the map for a flank or flag pull.

Strafing is best if you’re caught in the open with no cover. Or a nice little juke. However, if I’m close to a corner im going behind cover as quickly as possible while shooting instead of strafing and challenging someone that has shots on me already.

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> been watching naded’s stream a few days ago and he sure as hell does strafe

Yeah not sure where the OP is getting that these guys don’t strafe. They sure as heck don’t stand still or run straight for you while shooting. Weird, funny how two different people can watch the same thing and see two different things.

Due to the very fast paced combat and bullet magnetism in Halo 5, strafing is not as effective as it once was. Does not mean it’s obsolete though.

I consider to be an illusion. A marksmen is not baffled by strafing.