Why don't people like theater?

I don’t see any differences, but than again, I don’t use it that much.

People like it. They’re just against the fact that it’s seemingly impossible to provide a version that’s actually better than the first one in 2007.

Because you can only use it for multiplayer. There’s no Theater for Campaign or Spartan Ops, and there really should be.

I love the theater version of Halo 3 and ODST because it covered all types of playlist; campaign, forge, and multiplayer.

They are downgrading theater every halo game. In Halo 3 you could have 4 people watch something with you.

I’ve had some pretty fail moments in Spartan Ops and campaign that I wish I could’ve captured just for the lulz.

But I can’t. :C

You can’t view clips from Campaign or Spartan Ops, and you can’t watch anything with more than 1 person. It is a direct downgrade from both Halo 3 and Reach.

1.PAINFUL menu navigation to find my videos
2.Cant take clips from campaign(STILL)
3.No spartan ops clips(The -Yoink-?)
4.The file browsing system is non-functional right now.
5.No way to skip through the video without watching myself play through the game in fast forward.
6.1 person in theatre at a time


Make it so I can take clips from ANY game, make the menu less limited(Something like 5-7 button presses simply to get to my temporary history), allow me to actually search for files and let me skip forward by death. SMALL SMALL features that would make it great.

Nothing, it’s just that we can’t watch some precious action we did in Campaign and Spartan Ops.