Why don’t you just listen to the fans?

In some cases though… it may be a case of the ‘fans’ not listening?

I’m assuming we’re talking about a passionate, yet quite small, segment of the community. Probably epitomised by yourself given your tag.

But I just can’t see how playable Elites are a priority straight out of the gate. It’s not worth the time / effort required for the models, textures, animations, sounds, armours, and coatings… and that’s before the huge sandbox tweaks.

I hear you… but hardly a call of ‘the fans’.

Just how many times do ‘the fans’ have to be told that it’s a broken mechanic. It completely ruins the sandbox. There is a reason it hasn’t returned… and why no other FPS has taken it up.

Just no.

343 have listened and explained this. They are looking at how to bring assasinations back. The problem being… everyone and their dog turned them off.

Cool effect but so impractical.

And I imagine they would be quite microtransactable… if anyone actually used them.

This one guts me. I love Forge… and I was so keen to see what scripting holds going forward.

But I also appreciate the delay. They were struggling to get the game / engine up to speed… and I can imagine that rebuilding Forge for the new engine is a similar struggle. Expectations are high.

I can wait. Just.

Aren’t we getting this already? I haven’t been paying attention but I thought we were getting 50XP per match.

Just buy what you want / feel is value for money.

How much you are ‘milked’ is up to you.

I have full udders… but am still waiting for something to take my eye.

If true that sucks… but at least now you know. Don’t activate unless you are 99% sure you’re good to go.

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Good points,

However there are a few things I disagree with…

The playerbase that want playable elites back is definitely not small, as there were over 900 pages on the original Halo Waypoint for the megathread for playable elites that’s been going on for years.

I can get behind the no dual wield however. I wasn’t that upset over this loss too much

We do have end of the match XP, however it’s negligible at best since it’s just 50 XP so if your not actively doing challenges you have to play 20 games without XP boosters.

But buying armors?? Seriously? Like they could’ve added that samurai armor in the event pass but they made it $20. 20 DOLLARS for armor that you could’ve earned in the event battlepass.

The XP boosts running out when your not playing is 100% a real issue. I’ve tested from at my own benefit, once because of a family matter and once today because I went to a football game and I had 40 minutes left when I left, I came back not too long ago and it expired.

Ps. My gamertag has nothing to do with elites. I named myself after my passion and love for reptiles as well as for my pet reptiles.

However I had elite themed gamertags in the past though.

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It’s been a week, and there are bigger issues lurking in this game than -optional cosmetics-.

Stop just stop

welcome to the the concept of whales.

Why is it bad thing that other player have different options on what mater more to tham like the stor prices?

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We have to wait for their replies.
They are currently taking a break, so be patient.

But yes, we do need answers.

Because cosmetics and progression grinding aren’t the reason 200,000 people downloaded Halo Infinite Multiplayer after waiting 6 years when it launched on 11/15/21. It’s not why people picked up Halo 5, or 4, or Reach, or ODST, or 3 or 2 or 1.

I understand that people are upset about the optional bits of this game, but there are intrinsic aspects of the gameplay experience that need to be addressed if this title is to survive the long haul.

Rejoining dropped rank matches, unbalanced teams at the start of ranked matches, rank discrepancies, map pool, gamemode pool, long term weapon balance, bugs, glitches, being punished as a result of experiencing those bugs and glitches. GAMEPLAY is a core property of a game’s lifespan, and even when the gameplay is solid and is built like a log cabin, if it has issues and players will leave.

Players aren’t leaving because of cosmetics (LoL), monetization (Fortnite), or progression (CSGO), they’re leaving because they’re getting stiffed on the lack of core gameplay tenants.

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because it’s about pleasing shareholders and executives that don’t play video games

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Very uneducated and inexperienced response. You sir have no idea.

Paragraph breaks help retain readers who often see a wall of text and just scroll off.

cause they never were for the fans

Join the club, we got jackets.

Modern video game companies are just getting worse and worse. I still remember when EA made decent games before they got violently greedy (Sims among a few other games before the Xbox 360), same with Activision (Call Of Duty, until after MW2), even Nintendo is getting the shaft with their more recent business practices (CND-ing every single fan game in existence without mercy or care, and of course the Mario 3D All-Stars shenanigan).

At this rate, I can expect another video game crash all because game companies are just too damn greedy to care about quality and enjoyability.

“Money! It’s a crime!” ~ Pink Floyd

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Umm no. They mislead fans by straight up lying about the armour system and refused to listen to criticism numerous times and continued to rush out a release with no major changes. The game has been in a beta for roughly 2 weeks and is not a full release yet.

I do Q/A stuff all the time with games and there’s no reason whatsoever why they should have a beta so close to a release date since it would be impossible to make major changes before a release date. I’d go as far as saying it’s just reckless. All we got was claims about changes but from past experience with 343i I have yet to see changes in 343i’s attitude towards the fans.

You claim they’ll listen and yet their first priority was to ignore the feedback from the Infinite flight and then turn on the beta with a massive paywall despite 343i knowing this was a major flaw and yet they’ve openly refused to listen to feedback on these forums to deal with specific issues in games like MCC to this very day and tried to dismiss complaints and call design flaws a design choice to try avoid fixing problems.

You know what the sad part about this is? certain people at 343i will make these decisions and some will have attitude problems but these type of people will end up getting other fans harassing people who are nothing to do with these decisions and yet 343i should have known what they were doing because they’ve had years to listen to fans and learn from their mistakes but they haven’t.

You have to give it to 343, they are listening to what we have to say but updates dont just come at the snap of a finger

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Not really. They lied in their recent blog and straight up ignored complaints from the flight and rushed out a beta before release date with barely any changes and most of the complaints like fixing radar were ignored and don’t even get me started on how much I hate the fact that ranked now only caters to HCS players. Updates don’t happen instantly but they shouldn’t have released the beta in the state it’s in so close to the campaign launch when the pvp side is not ready and there’s no way in hell they didn’t know the complaints were coming based on the current predatory system. I’d go as far as saying what 343i is doing is a disorganised reckless mess. They should shut down the multiplayer side and remove the premium store and apologise then add in a proper progression system then turn the PVP system back on when it’s ready and not leave it in the current state.


And the worst part is that the game was marketed as a “player first” + “no FOMO” kind of game. The shop, weekly rewards and the Tenrai events are all FOMO. The progression is so horrible and the prices in the shop so insane that “money first, player last” is the first thing that comes to mind.

Very vague response. Instead of explaining yourself you say uneducated and inexperienced and I’m just supposed to know what you’re talking about.? Like I said, this community is toxic lmao

If you read any of my posts below, I have said 343 have a track record of learning from their mistakes and listening to the fans. They are one of the most transparent companies out today that constantly update us with development news and flights etc. They’re not perfect, but when they are dealing with such a huge fan base, majority of them are toxic and man-children, there is always going to be hate thrown their way. The fact that Halo Infinites biggest flaw is the monetization shows just how good the game really is…

All Im saying is valid criticism is fine, but saying 343 doesn’t listen is absurd. Please name another company that provides delevelopment updates, flights, q&a, etc. Even BF2042 and Vanguard just released and they are horrible games, yet even their community is less toxic than this one lmao

Oh they listen, then they write down your feedback on a piece of paper, throw it in the trashcan, burn that trashcan, pee on it and then blow it up with a stick of dynamite

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