Why doesn't the charged Plasma Pistol EMP anymore?

Vehicles don’t get stunned, tanks still shoot, and the only worthwhile thing it does is drop shields now. Why take away a feature so intrinsic to the gun, that’s been in the francinse since 2001?


Because shock weapons, you like shock weapons right?

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Then it should have a shock property. Shouldn’t change 20 years of consistent gameplay features

Actually the emp effect was introduced with Halo 3, and not with CE. So while it has been part of the franchise for a while now, it’s inclusion came with the end of the trilogy, not the beginning.


I know at the very least it breaks shields in CE, wither it’s Campaign like Jackels and the Portable shields dotted throughout the game at the very least. The one in Infinite is meant to be the same one as in 5, which does the Vehicle EMP as well.

Id be fine with it emping a vehicle for less than shock damage to he honest. Dont really like it not doing it all all myself. Now i just dont bother picking up the pp

Because that’s 343’s biggest Halo legacy. Breaking things that don’t need fixing, and fixing things noone cares about.

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True, change for the sake of change, it was literally one of the best thing about this gun, it wasn’t OP,
I hate this trend, like there isn’t any positive to remove that function.

Unless they put that behind a pay wall, too :roll_eyes: