Why doesn't ranked have a radar?

i thought ranked always had radar? i’m not a fan of it without. it sucks not knowing where your opponents are. if i wanted to play with out a radar i would play swat or whatever its called. its kind of ruining ranked matches for me.


It’s literally never had radar besides in Halo 5 unless you’re playing FFA. If you want a radar play social.


If you play ranked for competitive settings, then no radar is better. Way more focus on your map awareness skill without a radar feeding you information. It plays so much better without it.


False. Most ranked playlists in 2, 3, Reach, 4, and 5 had radar, only select playlists like Team Hardcore, Team MLG, and Team SWAT didn’t have radar. I can show you video proof if you like.

To answer the OP, it is because we only have a single Ranked playlist currently and it is the equivalent of Team MLG or Team Hardcore in past games, it uses the Halo Championship Series ruleset. Hopefully they add more Ranked Playlists later on, including some like a Standard Team Slayer with Radar and Grenade hitmarkers.


To be completely honest, I find the current range of the radar to be useless unless they’re right on top of you. I’d rather have the visual real estate on my screen than what we’ve been given now. 25m or nothing at all!


No. The ranked playlist is the same settings they use for competitive., which has no radar.

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Unbound17 is correct. unfortunately you are incorrect. ranked has always had radar unless swat etc. even with HCS settings had radar


That is not true at all. In halo 3 for example all ranked playlists had motion tracker except the hardcore modes like swat or mlg rules playlist.

Standard ranked should have motion tracker and hardcore modes should not.


I prefer that the game mode puts more emphasis on interplayer communication.

Takes less focus off of the gameplay and applies more to what’s going on in your field of view.

All relevant information pertaining to the match is either given to you within your peripheral vision or is communicated to you via your teammates.

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i might get one other person with a mic every 100 games

As a rule I’ve lived by since the CS Source days, I only queue with players who can provide a full stack.

CSGO, Overwatch, Halo, any other competitive title I play, I only run full stacks in the ranked mode.

I’d recommend you find some friends to do the same

More skillful game without the radar crutch.

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Ranked not having radar is the only skill gap in this game currently. Competitive settings for a competitive gametype… that still has needler, plasma pistol and spike grenades in it. LOL.

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It doesn’t have radar because there are people (like me) who advocated for no radar. Free information doesn’t make sense let alone in a competitive environment like ranked. If you want to know where people are, just have the assumption there’s the potential of a fight around every corner and be ready to shoot, contest the power weapon spawns, if you’re with a pre made group, force the opposition into spawning where you want them.

People have to much of an over reliance of a radar showing where people are and I find that extremely distasteful.

I’ve just never understood this though. Why is it distasteful for it to be less likely to get bashed in the back? Why would it be distasteful to be able to actually shoot at the opponent and try to out maneuver them?

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Because it limits possible engagements. No-radar promotes awareness and prediction, something that should be fostered in team competition.

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Radar discourages map traversal, maks fights drawn out and predictable…hands out so much information that someone can stand still just waiting for a red dot to appear.

When you have map awareness you’ll realize it’s even better than the radar. More so when when actually have team mates on the mic of course…but you should know where enemies are by your team mates positions and where you spawn in when you die. If you don’t have these realizations, its a direct consequence of being extremely dependent on a radar all these years.

Just start paying attention to these details and you should Grasp it and even enjoy it. Remember, they don’t have a radar either. Use it to your advantage as well. Traverse the map freely while not having to worry about a player that’s above you knowing you’re right beneath him cause a little red dot told him so.


Guess it is just personal preference. I think I wouldn’t mind it as much if footsteps were more prominent. There is so much background noise on a typical Halo match it’s hard to just rely on audio cues.

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Same here. Better without a radar as it is in ranked than this radar that covers just a tiny area.

MLG playlists ( e sport settings so its considered the most competetive ) never had radar to have more focus on callouts etc. people relly to much on radar its fairly easy to get the drop on people as long as one stays crouched.