Why doesn't Halo Infinite have this?

  • shoulder pieces encrusted with glowing needler ammo/material
  • Wear and tear slider. Factory new - battle damaged
  • Needles stuck in the armour as battle damage
  • A dent in a helmet with a grenade stuck in it
  • knuckle attachments
  • Change colours of prosthetics
  • Prosthetics attachments
  • Bullet impact effects
  • Animated visors
    and so on…

You should know the answer to that question already no offense.


I’ll drop a clue……. 343i…… that’s the best I can give away without giving the answer.


Jesus Christ man, calm down. You’re giving away ideas for 343 and they’re gonna make you pay $20 each for them.


It would be sick instead of some glowing armor effect I
could get plasma scaring on my armor on any shader

Would also like to have a second head attachment like in halo reach

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Not sure I want any of those customization items.
BUT, speaking of needles stuck in armor, I wish needles could do damage and sometimes score kills without the supercombine.
In Halo CE and 2, a few stray needles could pop and take down a weakened enemy, but in Infinite it seems like you either get the supercombine or they do no damage whatsoever

They will most likely make you pay $60 bucks for a animated visor. I have a glowing one for my rakshasa tho. It’s called Athena’s mirror

Ya that really does suck feel like i used to be able to kill people with the plasma pistol after taking out their armor

But its like first power shot then you gotta make sure you switch cause you just rapid fireing cotton balls at a guy with no shield