Why doesn't 343 add the falcon back in halo?

Why did 343 take out the falcon? It was very popular in reach, not only used in matchmaking but also in machinima and in the clan community. Does anyone know why they took it out?

343 is probably keeping it in their back pocket to add in a Warzone update when the community inevitably gets pissed off at them again.

You have to take into consideration of the fact that halo has changed and is changing
Not that im opposed to your idea but i feel like that with the different tiers and mods of weapons. I dont think the falcon would last long in a warzone match unless they added in some new features for it. We already know how fast u can take down a maneuverable banshee and pheaton nowadays.

Falcon/hornet = weak phaeton clone

I think they might to be honest, maybe in the remember reach update :slight_smile: