Why does this game start teams off uneven?

Anyone who knows Halo knows that starting teams off uneven in this game is sacrilege. Especially when the opening rush is crucial, as well as other factors.

It’s a common occurrence but I’ve been provoked to the point of offence due to my last few games. Where by it’s started off 2v5 or 3v5. Sure, we managed to bring back a 2 lead in CTF and win in our first game. But that is because my opponents were morons. The rest of the games, either people joined in too late for it to make a difference or the rest of my team mates gave up and AFCd.

I had to quit out of my last game because for a third time, it started the teams off uneven. This time, in the form of me by myself against 5 others.

This really is getting frustrating. Is there no way 343 can fix this?

I hear you OP. IS NOTHING SACRED?!?!

Someone make this person head of halo 4 matchmaking!

Because of a significant lack of foresight.
And forethought.
And for that matter, hindsight.