Why does this game run so damn poor on PC?

i7 3770
16 GB DDR3
GTX 1070
Samsung 850 Evo SSD

and all i get is a black screen every time i launch this game, then after 10 minutes it finally loads up. I cant mute the audio from my taskbar while its loading because you decided to hide it from the volume mixer (sweet idea though you idiots), so thats blaring regardless of choice while i opt to do other things in my OS until it loads. Cant find my install folder to link to any service wether it be Steam, Uplay or origin. I cant record any of my clips with Fraps, I have to enable desktop sharing to record in shadowplay? Are you kidding me? The controls are fugliest set of controls i have ever laid my hands on, WHY WAS F10 Menu over escape? Did any of you up there at the studio even have a PC gamer that wasnt a sad casual?

Im not looking for help or assistance on any of these, this game will be blasted from my OS and this is the last time i ever touch anything Halo from 343 or CA. I have been screwed over in Halo 5 In a problem YOU STILL NEVER FIXED from 2 years ago See below


You are a joke and you have trashed my Love for a game that grew up alongside me.

Well maybe you should have bought it for Xbox 1. It’s main platform is console, PC is a sub platform they gave you when the game should have been a console exclusive. I’m sorry your to thick head to realize this was a game made for Xbox 1 and can’t figure out that your PC has extremely different hardware from console and unlike consoles every PC is not the same. And if your brain was working, which it clearly isn’t, you would have clicked on the updated patch notes and seen that there is a patch coming for PC to try to fix it within the next 48 hours. That was updated this morning hours before you made this post.

The title says it runs poorly but you don’t mention it in the comment… So does it run poorly or not? Because it should run perfectly with those specs, that is unless you’re playing multiplayer which is currently unplayable for 95% of games. If you got the digital version and have an xbox one, just download it on there, I hear it’s much more stable.

I agree that this game has been disappointing so far on PC though. I’m not very hopeful for the patch either. I don’t expect them to come back from this but if they do, that’s great.

If you’re having issues with the game and wish to report them or provide feedback. Calling people “idiots” and “sad casuals” is not helpful or constructive. It’s understandable to be frustrated, but there’s no need to resort to name calling and flaming. ,Constructive feedback and be left in the pinned threads at the top of this forum and support issues or bug reports can be made in the support forums.