Why does the sniper have bloom from the hip?

Just why? This game is based around hip fire and this weapon is based around precision, but you decided to make my aim partially luck and hip fire to not be the best choice.
I don’t remember halo 3 (only only other halo I played) having bloom from the hip and I don’t see why that would ever change. Bloom has always been a bad and disliked mechanic. I think I and other players would like this to be changed to have no bloom hip fire like normal.

edit: forgot to mention it, but when I tested it there was bloom on the first shot, not just when you fire multiple.


I mean, even in the hands of a Spartan, firing from a position that is clearly not ready for any recoil should be punishable by decreased accuracy, should it not?

Not to say that Bloom is good, I hate it to bits, but it kind of makes sense for a weapon you’re literally just holding and not preparing to compensate for on recoil.

looking at it from a realistic standpoint it makes sense, but from a enjoyment/gameplay standpoint it feels awful to aim at a guy and miss. i also just dont like that they changed something that worked for years with no issues.


Not really sure why they even bothered keeping Bloom tbh, could have just increased recoil from stronger weapons when not braced or ‘aimed’.

wouldve much rather had that, bloom has always and will always be bad


Is hip fire vs ads even a thing? As I’ve interpreted it, you either ADS with a MJOLNIR suit enhanced zoom or you ADS without a MJOLNIR suit enhanced zoom. This isn’t COD.

There is no reason this bloom and spread should be a thing for precision weapons let alone the sniper rifle. I don’t play Halo for ADS mechanics like punishing “hip fire.”

343’s justifications are honestly insulting. “Well there has always been a little bit of spread” Nothing like this and they know it. “the sniper rifle has a long range role” Yeah and? That hasn’t stopped anyone from using it at close range before, but it was balanced by the fact that it is difficult to use at closer ranges.

Its just so deceptive I just can’t get over it.

Punishing “hip fire” is completely at odds with how Halo aiming and scope mechanics are supposed to work. It honestly feels similar to Black Ops 1 where they tried to eliminate quick scoping. Just a wrongheaded move at every level.


i honestly dont know what youre saying


OP is saying that the Sniper Rifle is slightly less accurate when not zoomed in than when it is zoomed in. This is true, it’s less accurate at 0x zoom.

I think this was done to nerf the weapon. Ever play Quake 3? The railgun has no scope and you use it like a super-accurate sniper. Plenty of people have used Halo snipers in the past just like this. This change was done deliberately to make players use the scope, which also runs the risk of making you more noticeable with a glint and more vulnerable since you can be de-scoped.


They went way overkill on balancing the SR.

First off, it’s a POWER WEAPON. It’s supposed to either help reinforce a lead or turn the tide of the match. It’s already balanced by being limited in usage. It should be balanced against other power weapons, which are all easy to use. SR was already by far the most difficult power weapon to use.


  • it seems to have no RR or AA while descoped (wtf)
  • bullet magnetism is almost completely gone

These force you to stay scoped a lot more than you had to in the past, and encourage quickscoping over noscoping which is such a Halo mainstay it even has its own medal.

  • scoping in now makes you a beacon, reducing its role as a sneak attack power weapon
  • even if we weren’t a friggin lighthouse, we’re always highlighted. Seems redundant.
  • even while being scoped in, AA and magnetism are minimal
  • apparently there’s a weird trigger delay

I pride myself on being a pretty damn good sniper, but nearly all my noscopes in this game feel like absolute luck over skill. I have had a lot of good sniper runs, particularly on Behemoth, but there have been a lot of shots that would not have missed in previous games that make the sniper frustrating to use.

  • the reticle is tiny in comparison to previous snipers

I actually kinda dig the size now but it is definitely yet another nerf. Snipes should be scary, but right now it’s basically just a means of summoning gunfire.


i like the sniper being difficult to use but bloom is so bad. i completely agree with “all my noscopes in this game feel like absolute luck over skill”. i dont get how after years of bloom being hate in game, companies still decide to put it in their game.

Because 360 no-scoping with M&K is an abomination.

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They wanted the Sniper to be used mostly as a long range weapon. In pretty much every other Halo it is one of the most dominant weapons at every range.

The changes will probably make Team Snipers a significantly less fun playlist to play.


I am saying:

This is Halo, not COD.

I can guarantee with the current strafe accel, not too many people can hit those.


youre right, this is halo not cod. cod has bloom from the hip, but halo doesnt, therefore bloom on the snipers hip fire (just like the other halos).

i can guarantee even without bloom most people still wouldnt hit those

its a power weapon so its supposed to be dominant, but right now its probably the weakest power weapon in the game compared to the other power weapons and now that youre more incentivized to ads with it it makes it even weaker because of descope and the fact that you become brighter than the sun while ads


I definitely think it’s because no-scope sniping with m/kb is significantly easier than with controller, as seen in MCC, and nerfing the sniper’s hipfire ability is the only way to avoid it being used like a one-shot DMR.

You see this sort of artificial hipfire restriction in lots of pc games. For example, TF2’s Sniper needs to charge his shots by aiming down the sights for a while, while Overwatch’s Widowmaker does that and makes hipfire a lesser full-auto mode. It’s all a part of making Halo a balanced and functional game on pc.

i disagree only because no-scoping with sniper is already (and has always been) far too easy. If someone catches you off guard with a sniper, you shouldn’t be able to consistently instant kill them with a no scope almost every time; that removes the sniper’s main weakness, which is why the weapon is such an extreme powerhouse even compared to other power weapons like the rocket or cindershot. With those weapons, a good player can get maybe 4 or 5 kills. With a sniper, a good player gets upwards of 10 kills easily, because the good players can land no scopes to save themselves anytime they’re in trouble, so they don’t even have to be in a strategic position or move sporadically to avoid being cornered. Bloom is probably not the best solution, but they’re not gonna make no-scoping any harder so I like it better than nothing.