Why does the shop items rotate?

I wanted to buy the bundle with the UA/Faunus shoulders but it’s a rotating bundle and now it’s gone. If 343 wants to make money, why are they preventing people from buying stuff?

I don’t have enough credits so I’d have to buy the credits first to then get the shoulders. I’m not going to buy credits in case it doesn’t come back.

Please just list everything so people can you know… buy from the store.

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To create fomo and increase profits.


But it doesn’t though. I’m not going to buy something straight away because FOMO. I’ll still take my time and consider each purchase. It’s such a backwards system compared to what other games do.

They could have had a sale but missed out.


They went too far with it though. Forcing people to wait months just for the ability to buy something diminishes any sort of benefit that comes from FOMO sales wise. They are actively limiting the amount of money they could be making while annoying the community at the same time.


I agree. It really makes poor business sense. It should be set up so that if you check your inventory and see a lock, there should be an option to click and buy (assuming the item was intended for purchase and not an event). Impulse purchasing leads to way more sales than FOMO for stuff like this. All this does is frustrate people and get them on to something else.

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Unfortunately, most people aren’t like that.

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I totally lost interest in playing Halo, just because the armor pieces I want is never in the store and there are no other ways to unlock them. I’ve just been logging in once a week or so for a few minutes to check the shop, and then logging right back out when nothing interests me.

I’ve been waiting on an armor set that I want since last December, and I just found out that it popped up in the shop about a week ago and I missed it. At this rate, it’ll be probably June before there will be anything in the shop I care about buying. What’s the point? I feel like 343 is just giving a master class in how to leave money on the table

Depending on the armour it is you need to log in daily as there’s one slot that changes every single day (from a pre-determined selection) so it could come up sooner… maybe.

It’s possible they’re mostly going after people who don’t think twice before purchasing things.
Basically like the whales in other free-to-play games.
Whether they’re getting many of those people to buy or not, I don’t know.