Why does the double xp boost timer tick down when I'm in a lobby not playing?

I think that the double xp boost timer should only elapse when you’re actually playing a game. I feel like loading times and “disconnected from server” errors take up like 25% of the time I get to have double xp…

I suspect 343i wants the double xp timer to count down as quickly as possible so people buy more boosts…


Yeah that really annoys me too.

There is absolutely no need for the xp boost to be active whilst not in a game. That hour boost probably only grants 45-50 minutes of xp bonus and we lose the rest waiting for the game to load and start.

And never use it whilst playing BTB as those games take even longer to load.

At least 343 changed the time from 30 minutes to an hour so maybe one day the may change it to 1 hour game time. It would be such a great gesture to the player base as no other battlepass system offers such generosity.


To add a constructive comparison, Battlefield 4 has XP boosts and they only tick down while you’re spawned in a game. Personally, I’m just going to hold onto them til they get this sorted out. I might use one at the beginning of the week when I’m clearing the easy challenges but otherwise I feel like I’m wasting them, especially with that infinite loading screen bug I keep getting.


Yeah that’s not a bad idea. I’m just worried they’re not going to sort this out at all and just leave it as is


My light bulb went off real quick simple answer to waste money runs out you spend money.


Boosts and xp only give you cosmetics. It’s not like the Battle Riffle or Sinper is behind a paywall :moneybag:

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Because that’s all 2x xp boosts in all games ever


This is something 343 have said they’re looking into, they were going to try and make it so the timer only counts down while in-game. I imagine we’ll hear more about that after the holidays


The double XP booster shouldnt tick down at all. It should just double the XP for a set amount of challenges instead of reintroducing FOMO.

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If it helps, the XP boost counts for each match you’re in despite expiring while in matches.

You have 30 seconds left but get into a match, then that match counts as a boost.

One other thing of note, this has kinda been the standard for as long as I can personally remember. At least since MW3, I can’t think of any game that pauses/paused the timer.

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I think “completely wasted” is a bit hyperbolic.

There was one time the game updated where I lost 7 minutes. In the moment it kinda sucked, but it didn’t bother me past that.

Again, the effect lasts until the match is over even if the timer expired during the match.

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I’m not the one trying to downplay an 60 minutes worth of double XP lol

“Hey yeah sounds good, let’s/can we shoot for ______ I’m a bit busy at the moment”.

Out of your control, but if this is happening at the frequency you suggest, every time you pop a double XP I think you have bigger issues that need to be resolved lol.

Or at least a proportionate amount until your power/internet/crash is resolved.

This is why I use the term “hyperbolic”, you’re blowing something far out of proportion when situations tend to resolve themselves fairly quickly in most normal circumstances, or you need to better rationalize the situations.

The odds of your power/internet/game going out for the entire duration of a Boost are small. The odds of losing a few minutes every now and again are higher but still not huge.

Out of the many many boosts I’ve used (at least 12 hours worth), I’ve lost 7 minutes due to circumstances out of my control and let one expire due to motion sickness issues because I was malnourished due to Covid. I was upset by the 7 minutes, but got over it kinda quickly because it’s really not worth getting upset over. I’m not even upset about losing 45 minutes of boost to Covid because I was losing 1.5lbs of body weight a day and couldn’t eat lol.

Sometimes you win, other times you lose. It’s best to rationalize these things rather than blow them out of proportion.

Well as it stands, and the entire reason you’re arguing about it, it is the only choice lol

It is annoying for sure. I’ve not participated in many 2XP promotions over the years, so I can’t say whether or not this is standard practice or just a peculiar nit of Infinite. Either way, it’s shortchanging the player in a real nickel-and-dime fashion.

Just like Call of Duty, they want you to waste it immediately and purchase another when you’re out.


A lot of games do the same, I agree it’s not very good system and of course is in place to make you require more to achieve anything. In all fairness Halo’s was 30 mins and they upgraded them all to 1 HR to compensate menu time. So now they probs are worth more than they were.

Honestly i was buying boosts but when it started dicconecting the second they qere activated i quit buying them. I mean why wjould i buy a boost that i barely get to use. Not to mention i have more trouble connecting when using the boost then when not using it. I tried contactung support and the second they read what my case was they closed it. Im almost sertain now tgey know of the issue amd pretend they dont. After all why fix a bug that works in their favor.

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With how long this season is, i figured it wasn’t worth even using them, so I stopped shortly after the “beta”.

Reached 100, several weeks ago, been lame pretty much ever since.

Just wish it would count for x matches instead of x minutes.

Sometimes it feels that a matches needs longer to be “found” just to not have the 2xp anymore.

But there isn’t something unlock - other than weeklies - after reaching level 100 anyway.

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