why does someone have to leave 4 u to find a game

so ive notice that if someone leaves from your party you find a game instant does anyone know why that is

Less people in the fireteam equals less time needed the match you up. For a 4 person fireteam, the game has to find 4 free slots, so that will mean longer matchmaking times. But even with the decreased population count, Halo 5 has done a decent job of matching me and my friends up pretty quickly on the Slayer and Arena playlists.

I think it depends on mmr. Finding games in btb can be really challenging when I used to run with my team all the time. When your win rate gets high the system struggles to find opponents who meet the chance of winning parameters.

Since ive been running solo quite often and my mmr has most likely taken a serious hit I find games much easier now even with a larger fireteam.

I think the size of fireteam affects this. It’s worse with full btb and warzone teams than arena. The one guy that left your team allows the mmr system to add a lower/higher skilled player and makes mmr based matchmaking work better within its parameters.

If you run in a full squad (and you’re relatively good), the system tries to either find you another full squad of similar skill or 4 randoms of equal or greater skill. If neither of those criteria are met, you either don’t get a game or you end up facing lesser competition. Dropping one or two dudes off and searching in twos or threes opens up more of the player base to you since now the system has an easier time trying to make even teams.