Why does reporting players take so much effort?

Like the title says. Was in a bot ctf match and once we got 2 caps all 3 of my teammates were grabbing the flag and purposefully not capping it. After like 10 minutes i started following them around waiting for them to drop it so i could quickly pick it up and cap it to end the match. This resulted in me reporting them for unsporting behavior, or at least was before i seen the process.

The process to report someone use to be just go to their ingame profile and click the report butto nand a drop down lists options like harrasment and unsporting behavior and you just pick the relevant one and moved on with your day.

However now the process involves going through several menus to get to the players list where you go to mute someone (speaking of which why the hell isn’t this done on the scoreboard like every game for the past several decades) and click on report which then opens up the xbox web browser and has you log into the waypoint site then go to submit a ticket which is a pain to find this button. Once there you fill out a full on support ticket, pick the type of issue, then the game, then a more specific menu for the issue then you have to manually type in the player’s gamertag with no drop down of recent players or anything liek that which means you are going to get the gametag wrong 99% of the time on console (because of the gibberish tags people have nowadays and no copy paste) then once that is done you have to type in a title for the issue and describe it then have the ability to actually report the person. If you have multiple troublesome players in the match like i did you will have to do this ENTIRE process for each person.

Seriously, it is a 10 minute ordeal to do something as simple as report someone for being a troll. With this process of reporting nobody is going to bother doing it and matches will end up being filled with people being trolls with no punishment even coming to them because the process to report them is absurd. This is not good at all for a f2p game where anybody can just download the game and troll people. I can see this ending up being a full time job just filling out stupid tickets to get rid of troublesome players.

Bring back the old way of reporting and while you are at it bring back the old way to muting players otherwise you might as well just remove voice chat entirely because with that much effort to mute most people will just keep it off entirely and not bother, like myself. Especially since the mute option is so hidden and people won’t even know there is a way to mute like i didn’t until today.


I feel that the old way was too easy and got abused perhaps and make too many tickets to go through and weeding out the ones that were legit to no legit took forever I bet.

The process you described makes me think that if you want to report someone and it’s legit, then you’ll take the time as you did to report that person.

In short I believe it’s a logical reason. Won’t stop every false report but will reduce the amount.

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If it created an unwieldly amount of tickets they would have made this change decades ago, not all of a sudden do it now. But even then that doesn’t justify this amount of effort it takes. I shouldn’t have to ruin by enjoyment of the game even further my spending half the night reporting an entire team of trolls. On pc this wouldn’t be as big of an issue due to a better browser and and the fact everyone on pc has a mouse and keyboard plugged in. The console browser is trash and doing anything in it with a controller is a nightmare. There is simply no reason to make the process so much of a pain in the -Yoink!-. If too many tickets really is a problem simply send reports from people spamming false reports into the spam folder.

Also, if too many reports is a concern why is reporting so easy on here? Why isn’t a whole ordeal like in the game, or rather not in the game since you can’t actually report people in the game? The very least it should open the form ingame with a dropdown to easily select the troublesome player.

On top of this the option to submit a ticket is so hidden and the process so convoluted they had to create a support article on how to report a player which the first line says to go to a random article that is completely irrelevant to your issue then scrolling to the bottom to create a ticket. The process is so messed up it leaves the impression that they never want to deal with these players harassing people or ruining the game for others and that when you do report people they care so little they probably just send all tickets straight into the trash bin. Makes you think the only reason they have the option to report at all is because it would look really bad if they don’t have some way to report racists and people who ruin the game for others.

I agree that the UI in general takes too much work to navigate, both in-game and outside of matches. Identifying which player is making noise and muting them takes too many steps.

Also, regarding your specific experience, I really hate people that don’t play the game properly, regardless of what their aim is. Holding the objective in PvP is just extremely rude, and I hate it whether I’m on the winning or losing team. In your case where it was against bots, I’m guessing they were just trying to farm medals or Achievements, but then they should form their own private party for that and not ruin others’ experience.

I really wish game developers could think of ways to detect this kind of behavior and deter it (for example, making the flag return automatically after a long time, or something), but I k ow that it would be a very tricky thing to detect properly without getting false positives and such.

People that try to boost their K/D are stupid anyway. Who are they going to impress? K/D is utterly meaningless precisely because if this kind of behavior and also people who quit matches as soon as they start losing. When I see someone with a high win percentage or K/D, it doesn’t impress me at all. It would be impressive in an ideal world, but I have no way to tell if your K/D is legitimate, or if you’re the kind of lose that quits out of a match as soon as your team starts losing. K/D and win percentage are only useful for tracking your own stats for yourself, but are basically meaningless otherwise.

What they need to add is a quit/drop percentage.

Hahaha this is gold I didn’t realize they were still using waypoint for reporting players, the same issue that caused the MCC to lose all its playerbase because the only thing left in matchmaking were trolls. They eventually put in a placebo report button in the MCC when 8% of the playerbase remained, that is most likely not being read by anyone.

When will they learn?

I didn’t even realize MCC was like this too for reports. I quit that game after the first couple weeks due to all the gamebreaking bugs (mainly got it for online campaign coop which didn’t work) and only started playing again when they finally started fixing the issues a couple years ago and even then only played a few matches every now and then and not enough to really encounter people i felt the need to report. With this game being f2p the number of trolls is going to skyrocket so a reporting system requiring this much effort is going to very quickly become a very major problem.

Dude me and my friends couldn’t even figure out how to report people. With the insane amount of cheaters the game already has you’d think they’d want to know. But seems like all 343 cares about is taking our money and screwing us over

Just found this on the Halowaypoint to submit Tickets for Halo Infinite. So in a way this seems easier so you don’t have to leave the game at all. Just have the players gamertag (take a pic with your phone) and fill the ticket out using your phone while you wait for a game to load

I don’t have permission to make links yet on the forum. But this is what it looks like with an example ticket I made. It also lets you post media to the ticket for proof which is cool I think.



Halo Support Agents process tickets Monday-Friday, during PT business hours.
Be sure to follow the Xbox Community Standards when submitting and managing your ticket.
Please choose your issue below
Halo Safety - Report a Player

Select a game
Halo Infinite

Behavior being reported
AFK / Unattended game play

Please select the type of behavior being reported.

Who are you reporting?

Please provide the Gamertag of the player you are reporting.

Issue Title

Give a 5-7 word summary of the issue being reported. You can provide details later.

Full issue description
Blah blah blah etc etc etc yadda yadda yadda
Please provide additional information that may be helpful.

Media Attachments

To submit this report, please attach media regarding the incident reported and check this box. For security and privacy reasons, please do not supply a link to the media. Media size limited to 49MB.

No file chosenAdd file or drop files here[/quote]

The big problem here is that i am not being paid to clean the filth from their game, they are. It shouldn’t be as difficult to report racists and trolls as it is. Why should i have to sacrifices a large portion of my night going through this drawn out process of reporting an entire team of trolls? Because they don’t want to do their job and would rather i do all of it for them? If they want to pay me a bounty for each troll or racist i report then make it as involved as they want, otherwise the leg work should be on them not me.

its a bot match, calm down or just quit.
It sounds like they were achievement farming.

Doesn’t matter what kind of match it was, the report system is the same regardless.

yeah no kidding, I don’t disagree with what you have an issue with, but your example is not the best

Is it not? It is unsporting behavior, aka a reportable offence. Doesn’t matter if it was against bots or players, it is still matchmaking and they still were doing something unsportsmanlike.

On the post game report, you can report them pretty quick if you select them and scroll down scroll down.

It’s either there or from the recent players list. I just found it earlier today and was pleasantly surprised!

It really does sound like they were trying to get achievements, which is always an issue when devs insist on putting them in MP games. Thankfully they were doing it in practice matches and not holding up a full 4v4 game.

If that bother you than that’s cool and you do you, but there really is better hill to fight over.

Would it make you happy if i removed the example? Would that stop this irrelevant nonsense about giving off excuses or reasons they were unsporting instead of discussing the actual point of the thread which is the horrible report system?

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I get if this happened in a real game but this was a bot match. Common.

Win loss means something since quits have always gone down as a loss. But yeah k.d means nothing. I had a 3 k.d in reach and could easily get it higher if I cared about not dying, the players I always found most difficult to play against were 0.8-1.5 k.d players, because they’re decent but also don’t care about dying so will swarm the objective incessantly.

Higher k.d players I could predict much easier and would never push objective lol

With regards to people quitting etc

I quit 4 matches in a row the other day because I was -Yoink!- of shouldering -Yoink!- teams against good teams in a game where 2v1 is no longer possible.

Also had a bunch of afks aswell walking into a to grind the battle pass.

I personally loathe join in progress aswell. You just get stick in losing matches and if you quit you get penalised for it? What is that -Yoink!-?

And on top of that you can’t rejoin matches you dropped from (which is the ONLY thing join in progress is good for)

So yeah I quit any match I join that’s already started. I shouldn’t be penalised for a loss I had no impact on. But since I am, I’ll just quit early to save time.

I’m sure alot of people think the same thing and share that mentality.

Ok, see people still hung on up irrelevant details instead of the actual post so going to remove the reason i was going to report someone. Or not since apparently they don’t let you edit posts after a certain time.

But hey, lets ignore the useless report system because this guy had unsporting players in a matchmkaing bot match instead of a “real” match.

yeah have to agree if I wanted to I could just troll games too lose faster because it doesn’t matter if you win it just matters if you complete a game and if you can lose in 3 min compared to playing hard for 8-10 for 50 xp per game or just afk farm wtf do we do and how does 343 know people are doing this they got to look at everyones score or read every detailed review instead of oh this guy is getting a lot of reports lets look into it and make a judgment from there. not even sure if you can even report on pc either.
idk who would even abuse the report but like come on if you see the same guy reporting everyone all the time is it that hard to find the ones abusing it lol and just to give them a warning even on league of legends it warns against false reports just slap that sentence on.