Why does our hud nickname have to be 4 digits?

In H5 Beta, you enter your 4 digit number that appears on hud displays. Now… Why can’t we have a 2 or 3 digit one like in Halo 4? I cant see any positive reason to change it.

My nickname is Rez, and i I hate how i have to use Rezz because im forced to used 4digits.

I agree its strange why they changed it as mine has been Mac for along time now.

Agreed. This needs to return. I want to be DAB not DAB1!

Yup, I hate it. Had to make the tough choice of DDRO or DROO. Picked the former, can’t mess it up accidentaly saying ‘Drew’.

Because all the fun words have four letters

Seriously though I don’t see why it has to be exactly four characters