Why does our CSR not reflect our MMR?

Something is obviously off with the CSR system…

Example, in FFA, I will FREQUENTLY get matched with high Onyx players, yet I’m stuck in mid-Diamond. :thinking:

The last FFA I played I was the only sub-Onyx CSR in the game. All other players were within the 2000-2200 range. I mean, if my MMR is placing me against these players, I should at LEAST be an 1800+ Onyx no? I don’t care if I’m playing with these players, but it would be nice if my rank properly reflected the competition I’m up against.

That’s the thing, according to recent 343 statements, from my understanding, CSR literally has no value and you’re not even matched according to it… Instead you’re matched off of a value you can’t even see and that is a problem. Are there any fixes coming to this system?

You wonder why people are so up in arms about the ranking system… it’s all smoke and mirrors!

I think this has already been covered by Josh in his matchmaking update threads, I would read over the archives as he has talked quite a bit about CSR and MMR changes recently. Either way, this question is better suited in the feedback thread