Why does NO ONE use the razorbacK?

The razorback is a great vehicle for CTF or Stockpile game modes because it can carry a flag or 2 seeds in the back plus passengers, YET NO ONE USES IT!! WHy? why does no one realize the usefulness of the vehicle i’m in stockpile using the razorback and people just ignore it…


That’s what I was thinking as well. Most people running around like headless chickens and going for kills instead of playing objective and quickly getting these cores on a Razorback.


To be fair, people not efficiently playing an objective game is as old as objective games in FPS multiplayer. You’re always gonna have people looking for kills or trying to just solo things because they’re too impulsive or impatient to work with a team. It’s especially funny in stockpile given how many seeds you can transport with a full complement of teammates plus the “trunk” space, but stockpile as a gamemode is full of people that don’t know whether they’re coming or going.

Hopefully this will be alleviated somewhat by seperating playlists, which they’d be mistaken not to do based on all the feedback and just common sense. Needing to get as many as maches as possible as fast as possible tracks for a beta release, but retail needs to have basic playlist separation. At least that will keep people who don’t want to be in an objective game from being stuck in one without a choice.

The other issue where Infinite is concerned is the challenges. There are still several that encourage players to go off-menu with common sense gameplay, and unfortunately in an objective game that can really hurt whatever team they’re on.


What will really make you angry is why don’t three guys with BRs ride along turn it into a hilarious death machine.

A vehicle like this really requires a team using mics. Picking that first spartan up is a hard sell until it’s got some firepower in it

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like 3 brs even spawn on the map…


If you do it right you can get all 5 in one run 2 in the back plus 3 passengers…

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Nobody knows how to drive. Getting into a harthog with a random is like asking to be smacked in the head by a rock.


driving is simple pedal all the way down always no stopping…

Honestly on stock pile i actually make it a prioroty to try grabbing the repulsor, as that effects the cores :grin:

I’ve had really good results just throwing the damn things while on the move. I’ve gotten up to proficiently moving three at a time now, and it covers ground quicker than you’d think due to how far you can chuck those things. I’ve also noticed when soloing into BTB a few people tend to copy the tactic, ultimately ends up being faster than waiting for people to understand how vehicles work in a team setting.

I would use it if I could ever find one of the damn things. I mean seriously, it’s so cool, but I’ve never found one.

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it spawns in fracture in both bases

There’s actually a medal for driving a razorback that’s fully loaded with power seeds in the back, and passengers all holding powerseeds. Think its called road trip or something.

I mean I use it for CTF and stockpile but its hard if nobody else gets in. Best use if with a fireteam.

I saw someone use the flag once, but didn’t know it was specific to the vehicle. Could be that not enough people actually know about that.

the razorback can carry 1 flag and one power weapon on the back or 2 power seeds and one power weapon or if your trying to do something wierd 2 fusion/plasma/shock Coils and one power weapon… I dunno if the razorback can carry two flags as there’s kinda no need for that. it’s basically the troop hog with extra storage but in mutli you can only carry 3 instead of 5 (4 in the back and a passenger) but the back storage can be very useufl in objective modes.

Two coils, you say?

This requires some testing and coordination with someone using a sniper rifle.

yes 2 coils i tested this out in a custom match, not sure what you’d use that for but it can carry 2 coils in the back along with a power weapon. though it appears more useful in a objective match like CTF or stockpile, not really sure of the purpose of the power weapon rack just , yet i can’t think of a good use for it atm. maybe you could use it to resupply an allies power weapon ammo,

This would be glorious with the sticky detonator (if infinite had it in the game) dropping a charge in between the coils and driving it just around a point of cover for the enemy.