Why Does It Takes So Long To Give Updates 343

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Since the so Claimed beta testing for the MCC i am wondering why in the hell it takes a whole week to give us feed back on the MCC. Also on top of that what you telling us keep being a bunch of BS. Why and the hell it taking a week or more to get this game functioning right. For a game developer company it should not take this long to fix this game. As stated before the games are already created that more than half of the job in itself i understand the xbox one is a new system but it still have the most of the same functions as the xbox 360. There should not be a whole week of use crossing our finger hoping that i would give us some kind of relief that the game will be fix. But what do 343 do well they wait a week and right a big assss paragraph about what i expected to be fixed and future fixes well guess what 343 that -Yoink- is killing this halo community. At least be honest with us if you can not fix this damn game helll just tell us we will be more acceptance to that then constantly bull Yoinking! around with us. This is getting out of hand now then how and the helll you all beta testing a game that already released. this -Yoink- has got to stop its seem like the more advanced technology we get the less effort people starting to put in stuff these days. Well halo community i sorry for the raid of feeling i am letting out i just had to get this off my chest i will be giving this game to the end of the week into i am just done with it maybe some one will try to sue them and get some kind of relief for all the time we as gamer had wasted dealing with this company hell they already been exposed to the world buy em-competent they are more insult i guess would not hurt right. Well good luck to every one i hope so improvement be made before this week out.