Why does it put you in games with over 100 ping?

Seriously, I played 5 matches of slayer. One had over 200 ping and another had 144 ping. I dont even like going above 50 ping. There needs to be a ping limiter in the options.


Yeah fr, I only really have two glaring complaints with this game which is the Scorpion controlling poorly and being put into high ping servers when I KNOW there are oceanic servers. Don’t care so much in quickplay but in Ranked it’s pretty disheartening to do worse, then potentially lose progress to my next rank because I was put in a 150ms+ game. Literally came to the forums to have a rant after I was put in to a 230ms game at Diamond III level.

The foundation of this game is so solid, but these issues are glaring and have been present since launch 2 months ago

Quick follow up. I quit that game immediately and I’ve now been dropped a third of a rank. Love that for me

@DarthYoda117, Under ‘controls’ there is an opinion called ‘movement assisted steering’ check that box in the settings to turn vehicles the direction you are pushing the left joystick.

Doesn’t seem to do anything for the Scorpion from what I can tell sadly. Miss the proper tank controls

Yes, even with that enabled, the ‘Scorpion’ does have really wacky steering, I’ll agree with you there! The ‘movement assisted steering’ does help a bit though, at least it did for me.

This is my normal

Most of matches with ping 180ms

On Gears 5 I can play 55ms matches

The best ive got in halo infinite is 75ms to 100ms (supposedly on the same place of gears 5 servers)

And sometimes I get 230ms, even 450ms

Matchmaking is a joke

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Go to Google and type: “NO MORE LAG Halo infinite” (without quotes)

There is a post on Reddit explaining how to “disable” the regions you don’t want. Works like a charm for me. 5ms ping every single match in Australia. Bear in mind this will likely get you in some unbalanced matches depending on your skill level, but so far so good for me. I’m low Onyx.


The matchmaking tries to balance wait times. If there is not suitable game within a certain timeframe it will put you on overseas servers instead.

I agree that the tradeoff there is pretty bad right now. They really should give people some control over it. Be that through region selection or at least like in H5 where you could specify a preference (prioritize short wait times vs. prioritize connection quality).

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Matchmaking should have the option to set the own priority like “find as fast as possible” or “search for best connection”.
Should also have the option “what should be more wheighted” the “the connection (low ping)” or “sbmm”.

See I would, but I’;ve heard that this can get you flagged for cheating and I’m not keen on getting banned either lol

Unless the game is completely dead there is no reason EVER to match me on anything other that EUW server.
it’s so simple…

why would it match me on a 250ping AUS server, I just don’t understand.

EXACTLY, I’m in the opposite boat being in NZ. If I see you out there at least we’ll know that one of us has a decent connection hahaha

I really can’t see how this will flag you for cheating. worst scenario it will take longer to find matches, that is it. I’ve been using this for a month now. No issues.